Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I'm sitting here, with a warm Mac computer under my palms as I write this, and it feels good.

I'm so glad I decided to slow things down and take time for me lately and appreciate everything I know I have to offer including but not limited to - self love and respect.

In honor of my first entry post-hiatus, I'd like to reflect and entertain my perspective on this last year.

On Friday, the 13th none the less, was my twenty-fourth birthday. Twenty four years of loving, laughing, crying, learning, breathing, stressing, thinking, hugging & kissing, working, earning & spending, reacting, cooking...

And on Friday felt good with myself - twenty four years of me. Amanda Lynn. Daughter. Wife. Sister. Auntie. Lover of all things sunny and happy - happy with myself.
 Who'dve thought? :)

From here on, I will only blog for me. I promise I'm not trying to be selfish (well maybe a little) but I just don't want the warmth and goodness that is blogging, to be lost again. 

I can't wait to share more of newlywed stories, super yummy recipes (because I was totally cheating on my blog with my kitchen - it was heavenly), and your lives with you through your blogs.

I missed you girlfriends!

PS - please stay tuned for the following recipes in the coming week :)