Friday, October 29, 2010

Favorite Things Friday

In honor of one of my all time favorite movies EVER, I'm starting a new series of Friday posts until Christmas!
"Favorite Things Friday" :)
Every Friday I will tell you about a product, person, or just favorite thing of mine, Bryan's, or ours as a couple.
My first favorite thing is something I am a tad bit embarrassed about. I have a weird obsession with body sprays and perfume. I LOVE smelling good, so every time I find a new scent has come out that I fall in love with, I have to get it. It's a little ridiculous, I know. I feel like I should be saying, "Hi my name is Amanda, and I have a problem." LOL
Here's my stash, it may not look like a lot, but there are fourteen bottles there... yeah. Ridiculous.

Another one of my favorite things is baking cookies. I think because it reminds me of being little and making cookies with my Granny, or maybe it's because the house smells so good all night - either way, I love it. Seeing that it is the Friday before Halloween I decided to try a new cookie recipe last night, SO yummy! 
Courtesy of Jessica at Keep Calm and Carry On - Reece's Pieces Peanut Butter cookies
[or as I say it, Reecee's Peecees :)]

Ingredients and directions with photos can be found at her site here
also look at all of her other yummy, delish looking recipes while you're there! I just love the picture tutorials she provides!
This was my finished product; ready to be shared with some coworkers :)

My Two Cents
Just like she said, this recipe makes a TON of cookies, so unless you're trying to feed a small army then there is no need to double the recipe.

So fellow bloggers on this glorious final Friday of October, what are your favorite things this week?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday

11. My tea kettle - This week is the second time that I've had a cold during this fall season and it sucks! But it makes it a little easier to get by with my tea kettle which was one of our wedding gifts. Right now my favorite is Raspberry Zinger with a little honey, mmm, warms me up just thinking about it :)

12. When Harley is in a cuddling mood - You have to understand my kitty, he may be massive but he's still not even a year old yet! Bryan got him for me at the beginning of May as a birthday surprise for me and he's been a little cuddle bug ever since, but he does get in those moods where he wants to play and nip at your hands. I just have to wait because I know that he will calm down and want to be petted again :)
[Get ready for your heart to melt, this was one of the first pictures I got of him when we brought him home]

13. My Husband - I can't believe I haven't been thankful for Bryan yet, lately I just feel the need to brag on him. First of all he's hilarious and always knows how to make me laugh. Even if I'm crazy mad at him, he somehow gets me giggling. He's my absolute best friend. Second, he is the hardest worker I know. He gets up at 6am or so every morning and works until 5pm, sometimes later if there is still a job going on, and he rarely EVER complains, he so great about leaving work at work. Third, I can't wait till I have babies with him. I know we're probably a year or two still away from that, but when I see him with Sophia, it just warms my heart so much. She loves him and has got him wrapped around her tiny little finger. Fourth (just for fun) he ALWAYS smells good :)
[Get ready to be blown away at his mad pumpkin carving skills!]

14. Taking Pictures - As I blogged in one of my previous posts, I <3 Scrapbooking, and to do that I obviously have to take LOTS of pictures. My family gets annoyed by it sometimes because I'm constantly asking for them to say "cheese" but I hope that someday down the road they will be thankful I'm capturing the little moments that will be forgotten by memory but remembered in a photo :)

15.  Our Home - Right now we live an apartment, it isn't our ideal living situation, but it's home until we are ready to purchase a home [which will also be happening in the next year or two] It's not as big as we'd like, but it will do, and holds all of our belongings quite nicely. I know Bryan goes stir crazy sometimes because he does not enjoy apartment living, but I feel that this year of saving up and preparing ourselves will be completely worth it in the end.

What are you thankful for this week? :) Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wedding Edition Wednesday :)

WorI haven't shared too many photos from our wedding this past July, but this is one of my favorites. It was our "first look", the first time we saw each other before the ceremony. My heart was pounding so hard, but as soon as I came out of the barn, my hands stopped shaking and I was calm. The look on his face still makes me melt. This boy who I've loved for so long, standing in front of me would become my husband within the hour. <3

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Any other GLEEKS who love Chicken Pot Pie out there?

There comes a time every once in a while where there is a show that just warms my heart and makes me happy. Past contenders have included; 

Gilmore Girls, 
Sex and the City, 
Grey's Anatomy 
and Full House

And thanks to my sister-in-law I was introduced to another AMAZING show, GLEE! 
(Picture courtesy of a site I found on

For those of you that haven't had the pleasure of watching this gem, it's about a high school glee club that preforms covers of classic hits such as "Don't Stop Believin" by Journey and "Dream On" by Aerosmith. For those of you that know me at all, you know that I wish I wish with all my heart that my life was a musical. I fell in love with movies like; 

Meet me in St. Louis
The Sound of Music
and Mama Mia

Bryan and I haven't had cable for the last three years or so [I know, unheard of, but it's actually become normal for us and has saved us lots of mula] So when one of these shows are on, we get to watch it in the comfort of Bryan's mom and step-dad's living room, which serves a double purpose: Glee + family dinner night = Awesomeness. So my question is, are there any other fellow "Gleeks" out there?!

Tonight's dinner was my homemade chicken pot pie :) I was going to make it last night but ended up not, so I had all the ingredients cut up and ready to just mix together!

My Semi-Homemade Chicken Pot Pie
(Please excuse the piece missing, I had to make sure it was done and not poisonous! ;)

1 pkg Pillsbury pie crusts (two come in the pkg)
1 roasted rotisserie whole chicken (the kind that you get in the deli section)
1 large Russet baking potato
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 1/2 floret of broccoli
2 large carrots (peeled of the outer skin)
2-3 TBSP of chicken stock
salt and pepper to taste

1. Follow directions on pie package about rolling out dough, preheat oven to 450degrees F
2. Cut all of the chicken I can off the bone and chop into small bite size pieces
3. Chop the potato, broccoli and carrots into small bite size pieces as well. The smaller the better it helps them cook through faster
4. Mix Cream of Chicken, chicken stock, carrots, broccoli, and potatoes together. Season with salt and pepper to your desire.
5. Pour into the prepared in the dish bottom shell (then continue to follow the directions on the box - roll the other shell on top of the mixture, make sure to cut a couple of slits in the top to vent.)
6. Bake in the oven for about 45 minutes or until veggies/potatoes are no longer crunchy. After 20 minutes put foil around the edges of the pie, so they don't burn.
7. This one fed four people, so if you've got more in your family or you are super hungry you should probably make two! And it's so simple, why not?! :)

My Two Cents
None this time, I kind of interjected it into the entire recipe :) Hopefully it all makes sense, if you have any questions let me know! :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

It's a blustery day in my neighborhood!

In the Pacific Northwest, the seasons are very distinct. And when I woke up this morning and looked outside, it felt like the seasons had changed overnight. The wind was gusting, the rain was falling sideways ["Sideways raaain" like Forest Gump says] and the minute I stepped outside I was freezing!

Welcome Fall!
I wonder what kind of weather we are in store for this year! :)

This weekend was full of family and friends!

Friday night Bryan and I were treated to a great dinner and happy hour with my parents, it's so rare that we get to spend time with just them, we had so much fun!

Saturday was full of one of my all time loves, SCRAP BOOKING! I just love it! And I get to spend all day with my mom [one of my most favorite people ever] I worked only on wedding photos and got most of them in an album. I felt like I got to relive my entire wedding experience over again! I wish I had gotten some pictures, it looked like my wedding threw up all over my work station! :) And my contribution to the "community snack" table were these little guys [recipe to follow at the end of this blog if you are interested!]

Owl Smores

Mine didn't turn out quite like the picture, but I was happy, they were cute, and a hit with the other ladies who were scrap booking! :)

Sunday morning I woke up feeling crummy, you'll have to forgive me if I'm not on top of it for the next couple of days. But in the afternoon I met two of my best friends from high school, we've made it a point to have lunch at least once a month. Even though we've all grown up and have gone our separate ways, it's so wonderful to come back like no time has passed and have these friendships with girls that I've known since we were in 8th grade [TEN years for those of you who don't know how old I am :)]

Lindsey, Me and Erica at my bachelorette party [Please don't mind me I was a little tipsy] And this was the only picture I had on hand of us three

All in all a great weekend to be had by all! I'm counting my blessings because there are many! Hopefully this stubborn sinus infection will go away quickly, but until then I will enjoy the hot tea, soup, and cuddling on the couch with Bryan and/or Harley <3

Owl Smores (Courtesy of

-graham crackers
-marshmallows (the regular size)
-chocolate chips
-candy corn
-yellow candy melts (I used Wilton's)'

1. Cut one marshmallow in half and place both pieces on a large graham cracker (2 stuck together)

2. Put a candy melt on top of the marshmallows. Heat in the microwave for about 2-5 seconds, just enough to make the marshmallows puff up, but not get too hot.

3. Take out of microwave and add a chocolate chip on the yellow candy melt and the candy corn beak while the marshmallows and candy are still warm. Everything should stick together nicely.

4. Let cool and serve! You can make these the night before a party and everything is still very tasty.

My Two Cents
-Either this is NOT as easy as the directions make it sound, or I'm crazy and couldn't figure it out! I only made about 8 little owls, but it was worth it because, hello! They're cute! :)
-When cutting the mallow in half, I would put the "sticky" side down and that seemed to help it stick to the graham cracker a little better.
-The candy melts were tricky little things, you've got to almost put them in the microwave by themselves first to soften them up a little bit

Friday, October 22, 2010

Guest Blogging at Mountain Mum

Hey friends! I know there isn't many of you but I just wanted to say thank you so much for following my little blog! :) It's really exciting for me! I appreciate you to the max! 

Today's blog is being featured on my fellow blogger and good friend 
I've known Kristina for a very long time, we went to middle school and high school together. Our senior year, Bryan and her boyfriend at the time were very good friends. Since she's moved away we're not as close as we used to be, but still keep in contact on Facebook and now as blog neighbors!

-Ms. Mountain Mom and me at our senior year homecoming! (Bet you weren't expecting that one Kristina, eh?)-

 I've been fortunate enough to be asked to "guest blog" on her site and I hope you check it out, and while you're there check out her blog as well! She is a nine to fiver and a great mom to her [cute as a button] daughter Mackenna. 

Thanks again and see you over there! :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I definitely think that these Thankful Thursday posts are helping me become more aware of the things I'm thankful for throughout the week. Just when I feel like complaining, I'm instantly reminded of that list I've been building up in my mind of the things that I'm thankful and grateful for.

6. Mine and Bryan's job- Even though it's hard to wake up some mornings, put on a smile and go to jobs that we both wish we got paid more for, I'm just thankful to be employeed right now in this economy.

7. Scrapbooking with my mom - This Saturday I'm participating in "Croptoberfest" with her, which will consist of scrapbooking all day :) I'm so glad this is something she introduced to me because I'm now able to document my memories/pictures AND spend time with my mom, double points!

8. My sister Hanna - No matter what mood I'm in, she is ALWAYS able to make me smile. We argue and bicker just like any other sisters, but I love her and am so proud of her.  She's not afraid to be herself, share her own style, and be crazy just to make you laugh.

9. Safeway - I stop here at least 4 out of 5 of my work days. I know I know, that's really bad, but normally it's just to pick up something small like a lime for a recipe I'm making that I forgot, or some milk because Bryan is a milk monster and drinks it like crazy. The workers there are so friendly and I think most of them know me face if not name by now. I love great customer service!

10. Getting in better shape - You can see any of my previous blogs regarding P90X and know that Bryan and I just decided [together] that it's time for both of us to be in better shape. Especially because we are thinking about starting a family in the next year or so. Something that we've agreed on through out pre marital counseling and our entire relationship, is that we both want to be very active parents. I don't want to be winded running up stairs or after a 2 year old. Even though I feel bad for the tenents below us in our apartment complex, I know that we are making huge strides to better ourselves for our future family :)

What are five things that you've been thankful for this week or just things that have been on your heart?  I would love to hear them :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

-I don't know what cracks me up more, Sophie's "monster voice" or Bryan's laugh, both make me smile-

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to an EXTRAORDINARY woman

Today happens to be the birthday of one of my MOST favorite people in the whole entire world.
-One of mine and Granny's first pictures together-

When I was little and my mom asked me if I could go anywhere in the world, I wouldn't say Disneyland or the zoo, I would always pick her house. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is the out, she was the first to see me when I was born because it was an emergency c-section and my mom was under anesthetic. She taught me to play tea party and to use my imagination. She always had the very best drawers; make up drawer, jewelry drawer, "junk" drawers... My cousins and I could always find some kind of treasures in them. She is one of the most strong and gentle persons I've ever known and makes the best peaches and cream oatmeal, floor "pallets" and ambrosia. She is not afraid to tell you what's on her mind, and that's the truth. As I grew up, I loved watching her cook lunch for my Papa (grandpa) every day when he came home from lunch, and watching my Papa get "good luck" smooches from her every morning before he went golfing.  You've raised an amazing family, and I think I speak for everyone when I say, we love you so much.


Happy Birthday, Granny, you are one of the most EXTRAORDINARY women I've ever had the pleasure of knowing in my whole life. You've taught me so much and I'm sure you've still got some life lessons up your sleeve. I love you, more than words could ever say. Now, I won't say how old you're turning, because a lady never reveals her age, but let's just say, you've gotten better with time! ;)

-Sassy Granny-

Monday, October 18, 2010

Meal Planning Monday

Hello friends! I'm going to give this a try and see how it works out, a couple of my fellow bloggers do it and it seems to work really well for them! I'm also going to include an ingredient list for each recipe, just in case you'd like to make a grocery list like I do :)

So let's get started! :)

Monday: BLTA"t" and Tomato Basil Soup
1 pkg turkey bacon
1 Oat Nut bread *our fave
lunch meat of your choice *we like turkey
Avocado *if it's in season
Tomato *just for me, that's why there's a little "t"
2 large lettuce leafs
Safeway brand Tomato-basil soup

Tuesday: Tacos with Spanish Rice
Taco shells *I like Ortega OR medium tortillas
1 lb ground turkey *I stopped using ground beef all together
fat free sour cream
grated Cheddar cheese *Or any cheese of your choice
sliced medium black olives
salsa *again your choice, Bryan like Pace Picante sauce
shredded lettuce
Uncle Ben's Sante Fe rice

Wednesday: Charlie's Italian Pot Roast with steamed broccoli
(This one is going to take some ahead prep time as it will be in the crock pot all day)
6 medium size Russet potatoes
1 medium onion *I like to use sweet onions in cooking
3-4lb boneless beef roast
26oz jar tomato pasta sauce
3 beef bouillon cubes
2-3 heads of broccoli

Directions for pot roast
1. Wash and cube potatoes and dice onion, place in bottom of slow cooker
2. Meanwhile brown roast on top and bottom in non stick skillet
3. Place roast on top of potatoes and onions. Pour any drippings from the skillet over the beef.
4. Mix one cup pasta sauce and 1/2 cup water together in a small bowl. Stir in bouillon cubes. Spoon mixture over meat.
5. Cover and cook on low for 6-7 hours or until meat is tender.
6. Transfer roast, potatoes, and onions to serving platter and cover with foil.
7. Take one cup cooking juices from the slow cooker and place in medium-sized saucepan. Stir in remaining tomato sauce and cook on low to medium until heated through.
8. Serve the heated sauce over the beef and fixings.

Thursday: Spicy Garlic Lime Chicken with rice
3/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1/8 tsp paprika
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/8 tsp onion powder
1/4 tsp dried thyme
1/4 tsp dried parsley
4 boneless/skinless chicken breasts *I prefer the thin cut ones you can get at Safeway

-1 TBSP butter (I omitted this but it calls for it)
-drizzle of EVOO
-2 tsp garlic powder
-3 TBSP lime juice

Directions for chicken
1. In a small bowl mix together the salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, dried thyme, and dried parsley. Rub the mixture on each side of the chicken breasts.
2. Heat the butter and EVOO in a large heavy skillet over medium heat. Saute chicken until golden brown, about six minutes on each side. Sprinkle garlic powder and squeeze the juice of a lime on each side of the chicken and continue saute until it's cooked through and the juices run clear.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: No Plans
The reasoning is because we are normally with family or eat out at a restaurant on these days. I'm OK with that, not having to cook 3 out of 7 days a week isn't too bad :)

Leftovers are tricky because Bryan and I both like variety, so I like to cook something different each night, but take the leftovers for lunch if we have them!

Hopefully this helps a little, I know when I put it all down, it definitely helps me out. And sometimes things don't go the way I plan them, like last week, neither Bryan or I were very hungry and all I ended up making were some scrambled eggs. Just the way it goes :) Thank goodness for a husband that rolls with the punches!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bippity, Bobitty, Boo!

I have two events to chronicle today, and they deal with pumpkins and a beautiful girl going to a ball. So of course I automatically think of one of the greatest film stars of all time - Cinderella, of course :)

This weekend has been exceptionally extraordinary! We ventured to the Kube 93.3 Haunted House on Friday night. I stayed outside, there was NO way I was going to be going in that scary house where people are jumping out at me and it's completely dark... no thank you! Bryan had fun though! I was surprised because he rarely if EVER gets scared, and I have it on good authority that he jumped a couple of times. I did get a good picture out of it at least :)

Saturday morning came and Hanna and I went and got pedicures together :) I love love LOVE pedicures! Which ended up being kind of pointless (You'll see why in a minute) In the afternoon we ventured to Maris Farms in Bonney Lake, the first time I'd ever been there, normally our pumpkin patch of choice is Spooner Farms. I'm glad we tried this one because it was SO much fun and had lots more for the kids to do! And I got to try out my brand new, super cute rubber boots! :)

-Best buds <3-

-Maris Farms 2010-

-Sophie in the punkins-

 -You can't see much, but I love this picture of us-

-LOVE my boots-

After our pumpkin adventure it was time to head home and help Hanna and her best friend Carrie get ready for the ball :) (or Homecoming, same thing) I'm so proud to call Bryan my husband, I called him when Hanna and I were at the nail salon, because she asked me if Bryan and I could drive them in Bryan's car to the dance. She wanted to roll up in a cool car with the music blasting :) Bryan went out and got the car cleaned so it sparkled and went home and vacuumed the inside. What an awesome big brother in law :)

The girls looked beautiful, and it took all I had not to cry on the way home after dropping them off. And a sidenote, I think Hanna may be the only bridesmaid in the history of bridesmaids to wear her dress again, it looked even better on her this time :) All in all, FABULOUS weekend! Getting the house cleaned today and eating some stew and pumpkin carving tonight, October is half way over! 

-Pretty girls-

-Silly girls-

-Their personal stylist :)-

-My sissy<3-

-Hanna and Carrie KW Homecoming 2010-

Friday, October 15, 2010

Scaredy Cat

Every year as the months draw closer to the fall I get excited! I love the chilly nights, cute rain boots, crunchy leaves, you name it, I love it. However, the one thing I don't love? Is October 31st. There, I said it. I hate, no I LOATHE October 31st. Why? Because I'm a big fat scaredy cat that's why! If it wasn't associated with ghost stories, zombies, and ax murderers maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

For example, I can't even watch a scary movie with my husband (who LOVES scary movies) because I will have nightmares for a month at least! This is a burden that has plagued me since I was about 14 years old. I just don't get it, before that I could watch all kinds of scary movies! Jaws, Children of the Corn, Are You Afraid of the Dark... etc. But the minute I saw "The Blair Witch Project" everything changed. I had nightmares about that movie for months! LOL Some of you may be laughing at me, but I'm serious, I am the biggest scaredy cat you've ever met! I think there comes a realization that you don't have as kids, but when you get older that things like this can actually happen because there are some crazy psychos out there.

This is an public apology to Bryan, I'm sorry I can't watch these movies, go in the haunted houses, and be interested in Ghost Hunters like you honey, I guess you're way more brave than I am...

So now I wait, until this awful holiday passes. I will always love the pumpkin carving, cider drinking and dressing up part, but that's about it lol. Bummer.

PS. A HUGE Thank you to Happyhousewifedesign for pimping my blog! You did a great job and I love it! :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday

The first of, I hope, many Thankful Thursday posts. This one's coming a little late which is part of the topic I'm blogging on tonight; I'm exhausted.

My Typical Day
-Wake up
-Jump in the shower 
-Get ready (most mornings just throwing my hair up)
-Drive to work trying to wake up still
-Come home
-Work out
-Do laundry, dishes, make dinner, etc.
-Sleep (and most of the time not very well, but it's getting better)

And then repeat.

Of course there's more to it, I kiss my husband, laugh with my coworkers, but in those last few minutes before bedtime and first few when I wake up, I can't seem to deny how exhausted I feel. Some of you are probably wondering, why doesn't Bryan do some of those things? And you may not agree, heck, I've had people tell me flat out to my face that they don't agree. But Bryan and I decided when we first started living together, I would make dinner and keep a tidy home, because he works hard, physical work all day. I'm sure some will think, "This girl is crazy" or "Are we still in 1950?" and to answer both questions, no.

Now, when we have kids, it's going to be a whole different ball game, and he knows that. And it's not like right now he doesn't help at all, because he does what he can. So I'm really not trying to complain, I'm trying to understand how all of you moms, employee by day and student by nighters, and singles out there do it? Do you ever feel exhausted?

These first five things I'm thankful for all have to do with things that make my life easier, less exhausting and less stressful. (Inspired by The Tarr Pit's recent post)

1. A dishwasher - My Granny and Papa have lived without a dishwasher for as long as I've known them, 23+ years and they get by just fine. Me, I feel myself complaining just having to rinse the dishes off before putting them in there! I am thankful I have a machine I can feed with soap and set to do my dirty work.

2. Plastic liners for the litter box - Let's just say, it saves a LOT of mess, a LOT of the time. EW.

3. Jackie and Bender on KISS 106.1 - I've been listening to them for about ten years now. It used to be getting ready for junior high and high school and now it's driving to work every morning. Somehow their witty banter makes my drive a little easier and provides even a few giggles in between yawns.

4. and - where I get the majority of my recipes for that nights dinner. Both of these sites are seriously life savers and I <3 them both dearly.

5. My favorite chick flicks - that sometimes help me go to sleep at night. My "go to" ones are,  "The Devil Wears Prada", "The Family Stone", "Pretty Woman", and any/every episode of "Gilmore Girls" (I have a couple seasons on DVD). 

Hopefully this post wasn't too whiny, I try really hard not to be. I guess what it really comes down to is even though life is tough and restless sometimes, there are always those few things or people that can help you through. 

<3 Amanda

PS. Stay tuned, my blog is getting pimped! Brand new layout, still same Amanda :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip "Pillowy Soft" Cookies

Not exactly on the P90X work out plan, but I had to make something for our "harvest" potluck lunch at work tomorrow. 

If you love pumpkin and are crazy for chocolate, let me tell you, this is the perfect recipe for you!

-1 cup canned pumpkin
-1 cup granulated sugar (just regular old *knock on your neighbor's door, "Can I borrow a cup of sugar?" sugar)
-1/2 cup vegetable oil
-1 egg
-2 cups of all purpose flour
-2 tsp baking powder
-2 tsp ground cinnamon
-1/2 tsp salt
-1 tsp baking soda
-1 TBSP vanilla extract
-1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips (I added a few more just to be safe :)

1. Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Beat together pumpkin, sugar, vegetable oil, vanilla and egg. In a separate bowl, stir together flour, baking powder and soda, ground cinnamon, and salt. 
2. Slowly add the dry mixture the wet mixture while beating on low.
3. Stir in chocolate chips :)
4. Shape and flatten dough on cookie sheet, bake for about 11 minutes or until slightly darker and firm.

My Two Cents
-I made cookies about the size of my palm and that worked out just right.
-The dough is a lot more moist then most cookie doughs, don't be alarmed, your hands just might get a little messy so be prepared with a spoon to help and a towel to clean up when you're done.
-The cookies are very fluffy and airy, so do not store in a tight closed container, let them breathe :) A Tupperware with an open lid or a container with some foil over it will be just fine 

I can't lie I did I have to try one - just to make sure they weren't poisonous of course, they weren't thank goodness.  I feel like I did really well at Plyometrics tonight, much better than last week at least, so I don't feel so bad :)

From my little tiny kitchen to yours, hope you love this recipe as much as I do!


Wordless Wednesday

"A sister is a little big of childhood that can never be lost." - Marion Garretty

Love you Hanna Banana!

<3 Sissy

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Six Year Anniversary

Six years ago today I shared my last first kiss with my now husband. I remember it so clearly. We had gone to the Homecoming dance together, that was our "official" first date however we didn't know it yet. The days following seemed kind of like a dream, we had first and fifth periods together, and flirted through all of them. We met and watched a soccer game at French Field one night -  but neither of us are or have ever been into soccer, it was just an excuse to be together. And on October 12th, Bryan took me bolwing, and little to my knowledge this was one of his favorite past times. I should have realized that right when I saw him pull his bowling bag out of the car, I was in love. I mean, how cute is that? After the date ended, he drove me home and walked me to my door, and kissed me in front of my parents house. I went inside and literally started screaming and jumping up and down. This boy had speant the evening making me feel like no one else had, and it was just by being himself.

I feel so blessed to have this wonderful person and relationship in my life. He is funny in every situation-even when sometimes you feel like you can't laugh anymore, he is outgoing - but shy when he wants to be, carefree - but my ying to his yang can pull him back when need be, and passionate - about his family, his friends, his job, and life in general. He reminds me to be the best person I can be every day, and people will love me for that. I know, I know, enough of the mushy stuff right? I won't lie, our relationship is far from perfect, and we have to work hard every day at it, but no matter what we always love each other. I don't know if I believe in soul mates but if I have one, he is it.

This will probably be the last "dating" anniversary we celebrate because we now have our wedding anniversary to celebrate, however, I hope that we continue "dating" for the rest of our marriage :)
*Photo taken on our first date, the night he stole my heart! (dinner before Homecoming)*

<3 Amanda

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Memory Lane

The strangest thing happened today, while I was getting ready (at 3pm because it was a lazy Sunday) I decided I would like to listen to my iPod Nano. Not that big of a deal, it just had been awhile since Bryan and I both use the "app" Pandora on our phones a lot. I rummaged through one of our drawers, found it, and docked it on the station that plays it through the speakers, and instantly I found myself strolling down memory lane.

Before I got any further you have to understand that I have music ADD, just when I think, "Ah, I like this song", and start singing the lyrics, I decide, "but I'll probably like the next one better!" 

This was the case today. One of the first songs that happen to come on as I stepped in the shower was the live version of "Beautiful Disaster" by Kelly Clarkson. A-mazing song if you haven't heard it, it was one I had a friend of mine burn to a CD for me from the Internet (because heck if I knew how to do it, and I still don't!) and I played on repeat whenever I had the chance. I hadn't heard it in a while but wasn't surprised I still knew all the lyrics, after all it had been one of my faves :) That one played in it's entirety not just because I was in the shower and the music ADD couldn't take over, but because it made me feel a certain way, and think about the time in my life when I absolutely loved that song. 

As I stepped out of the shower, I was greeted with a different tune, one of Kenny Chesney's songs from the "No Shoes, No Shirts, No Problems" CD's, this instantly changed my mood. This happened to be the CD that I listened to on repeat when my first serious boyfriend and I had broken up. I would sit outside the high school, in my van before class started and have a mini pity party for myself and listen to this CD over and over again. I look back now, and can't help but wonder why I was such an emotional cutter? Maybe it's better sometimes to do those things that make you cry just to get it all out? I don't know but either way, every time I hear ANY song from that album, my heart twinges a little bit because I remember how sad I was, and what those songs represented to me.

However, the very next song that came on happened to be one that reminds me of a completely different and happier time in my life, and that was a Yellowcard song. Ah yes, Yellowcard, my first real concert (not accompanied by a parent and in Seattle) and one of my first great and vivid memories of when Bryan and I first started dating. I remember Kyle, Bryan's step brother and best friend at the time, told me to wear black because there were some "hardcore" bands opening for Yellowcard and apparently I needed to try to look the part and fit in with this rougher croud. Well silly me, the only black thing I owned was my Kentwood homecoming shirt and a black hair ribbon, sure enough that's what I wore. I wish I had a picture of their faces when they came and picked me up, the look of, "Is she really wearing a ribbon in her hair to this concert?" LOL Yes boys. Yes I am. Anyway, that entire night was wonderful and full of awesome memories, whenever I hear one of their songs I am instantly whisked away to that night and to an easier time in my life when things were much easier.

Do you have a song or genre of music that does that for you? Like whenever I hear Tom Petty, Simon and Garfunkle, The Eagles, or Tracy Chapman, I think of my dad, and the many weekends growing up we spent up at our cabin. I remember thinking, are these the ONLY CD's he has? Because we listen to the same ones every single weekend we come up here. Which is funny because now some of these are my "go to" songs to cheer me up when I'm sad or upset. Or how listening to James Taylor now has a double positive meaning for me, it was feel good music growing up that my mom listened to, and became some of mine and Bryan's favorite music as well, in fact we've seen him in concert together, twice :)

I think it's kind of crazy and special the way music can do that for some people, including me. It's important to take the good with the bad memories/songs I've come to realize, they've both helped shape the person you are today. 

Whew, this was a lot to think about on a lazy Sunday, I should probably end this and hit the hay, it's two minutes until Monday, gah! 

<3 Amanda

Friday, October 8, 2010

McFatty Friday

Where do I even begin with this?

I blame it on college. All those midnight munchies and study break snacks... UGH, I am most definitely paying for it now.

I didn't even realize it, but I was in the very best shape of my life in my senior year of high school which I think was all because of cheer. Working out 6 out of 7 days a week, and pushing Erica Werner's big butt up in the air every day (She knows I <3 her) definitely kept me in great shape. I went to Central and it all seemed to go downhill from there. I know it was ultimately my poor choices, and something that I think I've tried to just block out since then. If I don't think about being overweight, then I don't have to do anything about it right? Wrong-o.

It really hit me hard last night - it was YogaX night in the Moury household. I went into it with an open mind - even after hearing that it's probably the worst workout in this whole system. Lots of balancing, sweating, and an hour and a half work out as opposed to just the normal hour workouts. It was kind of humorous in the beginning, every time Bryan and I would be turned towards each other and we were absolutely drenched in sweat, we had to giggle. Some of these poses were absolutely - RIDICULOUS! It's not just your regular balance on one foot, oh no, it's balance on one foot, and extend the other foot in the air. Yeah, RIGHT!

About half way through the work out I just completely broke down crying. I felt so silly and discouraged that I could barely do any of these stinking poses! Bryan tried to comfort me in saying, "of course this is hard for both of us", and he made me laugh by saying, "What the - Look at the girl in the back, she's not even breaking a sweat!". Eventually, the work out came to an end, we had made it through. I had barely made it through - However I feel like that may have given me an extra boost of incentive that I needed. I want to CONQUER YogaX by the time this is done with, and to do that I need to keep that open mind even though it made me cry the first time like a big bully, I won't let it get the best of me.

Until I master the correct Yoga skills, my favorite pose is the one where you lay on your back on the ground, perfectly still, no moving, no talking, just breathing. It's called corpse pose. ;)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

This first "Wordless Wednesday" isn't going to be so wordless, because I have to introduce you to someone who will probably make quite a few appearences on this blog!

Her name is Sophia Rose, she is our neice, pride and joy, and always always keeps us smiling!

She is such a special kid and smart "big girl" as she would insist you call her :) Until we have kids of our own, she is the one we dote on.

This particular picture was taken last week when we were shopping for her Halloween costume. Ultimately she decided on Strawberry Shortcake, but we all couldn't deny how stinkin CUTE she looked in this one! She's got that sparkle in her eyes! We just love her so much! :)

<3 Auntie Manda

Monday, October 4, 2010

Is Superwoman real?

I sure felt like it tonight! 

Bryan and I both got home around 6:30pm, worked out to our first night of P90X, I made dinner (recipe to follow at the end of this blog), washed dishes, folded laundry, AND made our lunches for tomorrow? 

Oh, she's real all right and her name is Amanda Moury! Well, for tonight at least.

On top of my usual things I do to keep our apartment in a livable state, the husband and I have decided to start eating better and exercising together. This includes P90X, which by the way kicked my butt tonight and it's only night one!) and making our lunches for the next day so neither of us are resorting to fast food for lunches during our work day. 

It feels so good to feel so accomplished, but I also really want to make sure that this is something that I follow through with. I feel like I've made so many empty goals, especially about weight. For once I just want to finish something I start, I think it would be even more special that because it's something Bryan and I are doing together.

I'll continue to update on my status on how it's  - working out - pun intended :)
So here is the recipe I made tonight with wild rice, and got rave reviews! 
(Recipe is courtesy of

Spicy Garlic Lime Chicken
-3/4 tsp salt
-1/4 tsp black pepper
-1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
-1/8 tsp paprika
-1/4 tsp garlic powder
-1/8 tsp onion powder
-1/4 tsp dried thyme
-1/4 tsp dried parsley
-4 boneless/skinless chicken breasts (I prefer the thin cut ones you can get at Safeway)

-1 TBSP butter (I omitted this but it calls for it)
-drizzle of EVOO
-2 tsp garlic powder
-3 TBSP lime juice

1. In a small bowl mix together the salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, dried thyme, and dried parsley. Rub the mixture on each side of the chicken breasts.
2. Heat the butter and EVOO in a large heavy skillet over medium heat. Saute chicken until golden brown, about six minutes on each side. Sprinkle garlic powder and squeeze the juice of a lime on each side of the chicken and continue saute until it's cooked through and the juices run clear.

Like I said, I served with some wild rice and it was delish! Hope you enjoy this as much as we did! And just like the title says - it's spicy! So you've got to like some kick with chicken :)

<3 Amanda