Friday, December 31, 2010

Simply the BEST!

Here it is: My favorite post of 2010
An amazing year in pictures :)

 [Engagement photos]

[Road trip to Paradise and Christine Falls]

[Top: Left-Bryan and Brian singing some karaoke at one of our new favorite hang out spots, Right-Family party. Bottom: Bryan and I celebrated our Valentine's day in March, we spent the day in Seattle]

[Top: Left-Lots of family time spent, Right-Visited Doug in Colorado. Bottom: Left-Getting some golf lessons in flip flops, Right-Maple Valley fishing derby and the day I washed Bryan's iPhone in the washing machine...]

[Top: Left-Celebrated Cinco de Mayo at Puerto Vailarta, Right-Hanna's homemade birthday gift to me. Bottom: Left-Spent the day with Sophia and Christine at the Science Center, Right-mud fight on Memorial Day Weekend]

[Top: Tom Petty & the Heartbreaker's concert at the Gorge in George, WA. Bottom: Christine threw me a bridal shower]

July = Wedding madness
Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Rehearsal Dinner

The happiest day of my life <3


 [Top: Christine and I spent the night on Capitol Hill with Charles and Adrian. Bottom: Left-my baby sister Hanna turned 14 this year, Right-We did the Puyallup Fair]

September: Didn't take too many pictures and started my blog :)
[Left: Bryan's 24th Birthday. Right: Came home to beautiful flowers, just because it was Thursday]

[Top: Left-picking pumpkins at Maris Farms, Right-carving them. Bottom: Left-Bryan's amazing pumpkin, Right-Halloween party/Wedding Reception]

November: Found photo editing apps :)

[Top: Left-fluffy Harley, Right-The day we saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Bottom: Left-our apartment complex when the leaves started changing, Right-Tacoma Glass Museum]

December photos were just recapped HERE

You've been pretty good to me 2010, I can only hope 2011 and holds just as much joy! Dear family and friends, I hope these photos flood your memory with just as many warm fuzzy feelings as it did for me while writing it :)

What to expect from The Forever Endeavor:
Giveaways, a new design, and of course - more pictures :)
Hope you all stick around, see you on the flip side!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thankful Thursday

41. My co-workers who have turned into friends - Bryan always teases me that co-workers don't become friends until you hang out outside of work. Well, I can proudly claim these ladies as my friends then! We had dinner for one of our other co-workers that is moving back to Hawaii, and I think we all realized how much fun we have together even outside of work [possibly more fun than we have at work!] These girls make me belly laugh every single day, and I know that if I ever needed anything they would be there. Love you ladies!
[Left: Front-me(receptionist), Back-Ruth(ultrasound sonographer)   Right: Front-Erica(medical assistant), Back-Lorraine(ultrasound sonographer)]

42. New Years Resolutions - Isn't it kind of exciting that with the coming of the new year, also comes the possibility of a clean slate? I think it is. In high school, one of my friends told me her new years resolution and it has stuck with me since, I think I will adopt it for myself as well this year.
To end the year with the same people I started it with.
So many people come into our lives, some are life-long friends and some are just toxic. Make sure you know who is real and who is fake, surround yourself with people who lift you up and make you laugh :)

43. Innocence - Man, what I would give to go back to simpler times and not be a grown up anymore, it's tough stuff! However, I can't take back the past, I can only preserve the present, and hopefully instill in my own kids and Sophia to stay a kid as long as they can. I took this picture on Christmas, Sophie sat in front of her new Disney Princess vanity and combed her hair forever. What?! Where did our sweet, little, three year old niece go? She had been temporarily replaced by a beautiful young lady, brushing her long golden locks. Time passes by entirely too fast...

44. Celebrating our first holiday season as husband and wife - that's all :)

45. Sunshiiiiine - Here in the Pacific NW we've been having crazy weather! Wind storms that have knocked the power out, snow, that eventually turned into ice... You name it, we've experienced it in the last two months. But guess what? My handy-dandy weather teller on my iPhone tells me that for the next six days we are in store for some serious sunshine. So what if the high is barely above 40degreesF - bring on the sun! :)

Alright friends, it's the last Thursday of 2010, what is ONE thing you are thankful for? Surely you can come up with just one? :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Final Countdown

It's the final countdown, badadoo doo, badadoo do do...
Well ladies, we did it! Another great year down in the books! And along with that another great year of blogging :) Even though I haven't been blogging the entire year, I'm still ending it with almost 80 blogs! Oh my lanta I talk too much... So, keeping in the spirit of gabbing all the time, I wanted to recap my blogging year.

The Forever Endeavor Top 10 Posts of 2010
The chronicles of a new wife, future mother and wannabe Food Network star

10. In The Beginning - the one that started it all

9. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip "Pillowy" Soft Cookies - the one with the really yummy cookie recipe that people were stopping me in the streets for [ok not really, but they were pretty good]

8. Happy Birthday to an EXTRAORDINARY Woman - the one where I poured my heart out about my amazing Granny. I love her more than Christmas, musicals, and chocolate combined [that's a lot for those of you who haven't figured me out yet ;)]

7. What is Marriage? - the one where I re-evaluated what the word marriage meant to me. It's a forever growing and changing thing and I'm thankful for that.

6. Not Julie & Julia's Beef Bourguignon - the one where I shared one of my favorite all time recipes from Granny. And a video clip from the movie that inspired me to make it that night. I don't know if any of you have tried it but if you have I hope it was delish! 

5. To My Husband - the one where I was majorly gushing about how much I love Bryan and thankful for everything about him, no matter what. 

4. So long, long hair... - the one where I cut my hair [much shorter than I initially wanted it, but it's grown on me] That was a big step for me!

3. Best friends & babies - the one where I had a weekend full of just that, best friends and babies. Kelsy spent the weekend with me, new kittens were brought into the family, and we celebrated with Ksavera at her baby shower.

2. You can get with this, or you can get with that... - the one where I realized I need to love my self more.

And the number one post of 2010, well, in my opinion anyway...

Please stay tuned and come back to read it on December 31st :)

Also, if you have a "Top 10 of 2010" blog post, will you leave me your link? I'd love to read it also :)

Wordless Wednesday

This is what happenes every day when I sweep the bathroom because Harley gets his kitty litter everywhere. I hope it makes you giggle like it does me.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Today's Letters Inspired Tuesday

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Moury, this past week you survived my immediate/extended/not-really-family-but we-call-each-other-family, family, picked out a gorgeous necklace for my Christmas gift, AND managed to make my heart melt my showing me once again what a great father you're going to be when you were playing with Logan? Pretty sure I found this more cute than the picture of you in your work van that your sister took and sent to me. Dear douchey guys at Applebees, as much as I despised your conversation tonight at the table next to ours, every single minute made me more and more thankful that I got one of the good ones. I hope all you gentlemen out there don't talk about your lady friends like that. Sheesh! Dear Pawn Stars & Storage Wars, I would give ten fist pumps to find the loot you do! Also, thanks for keeping me pretty entertaining in the process, you may be in the running of my favorite television shows, after the Food Network of course. Dear Bear(who always gets two letters), remember when you said I was, "the best wife you'd ever had." Even though I'm the only wife you've ever had, I still thought that was pretty sweet. Thanks for making me giggle.

Have you ever overheard a really obnoxious conversation in public that you wish you could've just butted in and said, "REALLY?! Are you listening to yourselves?!" If so, how did you stop yourself? I was having difficulty last night biting my tongue...

PS - Please see the inspiration for this post HERE - Tim and Em's blog recently got an amazing face lift if you haven't already seen it! :)

PSS - Could it be? 365 Days in Pictures is back after a long hiatus? YES! :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

10 Favorite Memories of Christmas 2010

10. Getting coke Slurpee's at 7-11 at 4am the morning we left for Wasco. Actually, we had entirely TOO much sugar that morning. Slurpee's along with donuts from Voodoo Donuts in Portland, energy drinks, coffee, and other really unhealthy snacks as well.

9. Actually road tripping with my family - it was most definitely crazy to be in the car with my siblings, mom and husband for 18 hours, but oh-so worth it. You can read about when we arrived - here. I took this picture when my sixteen year old brother was driving us through Mt. Shasta, I have to say I was fearing for my life a little bit...

8. Spent real, quality, family time laughing and enjoying each other's company. I think this says it all.

7. Enjoyed beautiful sunrises
 and sunsets

6. Played dress up with great-grandma's old jewelry - even Bryan joined in :)

5. Giggled over old Christmas tree ornaments

and loved new ones

4. Went to the Pismo Beach/Morro Bay for the day with my cousin, her husband and son. It was Bryan's first time to either of these beaches, I was so excited to take him somewhere that holds great memories for me :)

[Logan, Eric and Angela Butler]

3. Spent Christmas eve with my mom's side of the family for the first time in - I don't even know how long. There was a LOT of eating, a LOT of chatting, and a LOT of laughing. My favorite kind of night :) Hanna and I stole away for a quick "sister picture". It is truly an evening I will remember forever. 

2. Getting TOTALLY spoiled by Mom and Bryan. She got us a Flip video camera, the Glee soundtracks, and much more. Bryan got me this beautiful necklace. I hope to wear it every days as a memory of our first Christmas together as husband and wife <3 Mushy, I know, but I was so surprised when I opened this...

1. My VERY favorite memory/highlight of this whole trip? Spending time with this little cutie here. He is technically my 2nd cousin, but I think he should just call me "Auntie Manda". His name is Logan Dean Butler and I am in love with him - sorry Bryan ;) Ah, I miss waking up to this little guy every morning. I may or may not have gotten a teensy bit picture happy with him.

So that was our California Christmas in a nutshell. Every time I visit my Granny and Papa's house I'm reminded what it truly feels like to be home. Do you know what I mean? It smells the same, looks the same, and is always waiting there for you to come back.

I've missed you all and can't wait to catch up on your Christmas adventures as well!
We will now return to our regularly scheduled programming. ;)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Rockin' around the ribbon Christmas tree!

Helloooooo blogging world! I feel so distant, I haven't been on blogger since Friday! But for good reason. I must admit I've been telling a little white lie. I'm writing this blog from my Granny's computer in sunny, well, rainy Wasco, CA today.

Mine and Bryan's "road trip" that I talked about in my last post Thankful Thursday post, was really a 16 hour road trip with my mom, brother, and sister down to California to surprise my Granny and Papa for Christmas! They knew that mom, Wes and Hanna were coming but had no idea Bryan and I were coming as well. Needless to say after a VERY long car ride, playing musical seats in the van because staying in the same seat for too long got boring, and a couple of sugary drinks later, everything was worth it when we walked in their back door and Granny was so surprised she started crying :) Happy tears of course!

It's already been a whirlwind, and I have so many pictures already, however, first thing's first. I FINALLY have a Christmas craft to share with everyone!!! These little beauties that my Granny and Aunt Lizzie made - ribbon Christmas trees

Super cute, right? Well, I think so at least, I'm going to try my best at explaining how to make them. I know I'm a little late, but all of the Christmas ribbon will be on sale after the holidays so maybe you can make these next year :)

Things you'll need:
-1 inch ribbon, all different Christmas colors
-1 box of size 17 dresser pins (we used Singer brand)

-foam cones (we got ours at the dollar store by the fake flowers and floral foam) but you can also get them at Michael's
1. Cut the ribbon into 4 inch pieces
2. Fold each ribbon piece hamburger style (from frayed end to frayed end) and starting from the bottom to top, place them around the bottom of the cone, securing each side with a pin on each side.
3. Make the rows overlapping each other until you can't see the Styrofoam anymore
4. Top your ribbon tree with whatever you like, homemade star or angel maybe?

So there we were, all the ladies sitting at the table making these cute ribbon trees, and my husband says, "You should make a ribbon angel to put on top of the tree." I said, "Yeah right! I'd like to see you make a ribbon angel, psh!"
So, sure enough, he tried and didn't stop until he tried. AND they were actually really cute!

 -This is his, "I'm going to prove you wrong look"-
 -Hanna's tree on the left, mine one the right, and Bryan's angels on top-
-Yay! Merry Christmas-

Hopefully my half-attempted tutorial made a little sense? I'm so sorry if it didn't, I'm just SO excited I finally have a Christmas craft to share with everyone, even if it is only 4 days till Santa comes...

Friday, December 17, 2010

Favorite Things Friday

This is it folks! My last "favorite things Friday" posts :) It's been fun thinking about my favorite things every week, it makes me remember that I am truly blessed. Well, I have just a few more faves to share with you! 

I am in LOVE with my stocking for Christmas this year :) It just makes my heart happy! If you are interested in finding a SUPER cute stocking for pretty cheap - TARGET! I just love that this will be my stocking for as long as it lasts. Sure I've had stockings before, but this one seems special, it will represent our first Christmas together as a married couple.

I don't know about your beauty regimen in the morning, but mine doesn't always include makeup, sometimes I try to give my face a break. But when I do wear it, I love it. I LOVE make up. All make up. And if I had to pick my one favorite thing I use, it's gotta be my eye liner, L'Oreal Lineur Intense felt tip liquid eyeliner in carbon black. It gives a really sharp smooth looking line and doesn't smudge during the day like I find other eye liners do. However, contrary to popular belief, you don't have to have a super steady hand, this eye liner is pretty forgiving :) LOVE it!
And last but not least, these two... 
Walking through Target last night, watching Sophie sit on Bryan's shoulders and them laughing and talking together, just brought pure joy to my heart. 

I hope your weeks have been quick and painless!! ONE week until Christmas, can you believe it?! I won't be blogging until probably about Monday, I hope you all have an amazing weekend with loved ones!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thoroughly Thankful Thursday

37. Road trips - Bryan and I have decided to take a road trip this weekend, I'm so excited. Some of our best/funniest/most thoughtful conversations come from these trips. I can't wait to pack peanut butter sandwiches, baby oranges, and venti size cans of Mucho Mango. Bring on the open road, some good tunes, and quality time with my hubby :)

38. Christmas decorations at work - I've been kind of bummed out this season since we decided to forgo a Christmas tree to save money. However, my awesome co-worker and friend, made stockings for our entire office and hung them above my desk. Lorraine, thank you for decking the halls and making my spirits bright :)

39. New blog followers - Hello everyone, I am thoroughly thankful for you this week! I love love love reading your comments and try hard to follow back! Cheers for new friends :)

40. My yellow, comfy pants - Ok listen, I have this pair of the most comfy pants in the world EVER! My dilema? Bryan thinks they are the ugliest pants in the world EVER. He hates them with a passion, I love them with a passion. Do you have that favorite pair of sweats that you just let out a big "ahhhhhhhhh" when you put them on? These are it for me. I'll be mortified when they are unwearable. Until then, I'm super thankful for my favorite yellow, comfy pants :)

(just you can see up close, how awesome they are, please excuse my ugly feeties :)
What are you thankful for this week my fabulous friends?