Behind the Blog

Hello and welcome!

I'm so glad you've come across my little corner in Blogger-land :)

This blog had intentions to keep my family and friends out of state up to date on the happenings of mine and Bryan's life, but has turned into something a little more...
My name is Amanda
I married my high school sweet heart Bryan in July of 2010.

We live in the Pacific Northewest and are currently renting a beautiful house on a lake and own a big fluffy cat with one heck of a personality.

I love: family, taking picutres, coke slurpees, re-runs of Gilmore Girls, and giggling.
He loves: driving fast, scary movies, anything with BACON in it, family, and being busy.

but most of all
we love spending our lives with each other

This blog is about my adventures of a new wife, [eventually] a future mama, and a wanna-be-Food Network star.

Please look around, check out my recipes page, laugh at our crazy photos and make yourself at home.

I'm so thankful that you stopped by and I hope you have an amazing day!