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Reviews: Do you think your product and/or service is a good fit for The Forever Endeavor? Does it relate to new wives, cleaning, organizing/storage, baking/cooking, or future mothers? Or is it just a product that you you like to introduce to a wider audience?
By performing reviews, I am able to better inform and educate the readers of this blog about your products and services, while communicating how this would be of value and importance to them. I will post my honest opinion of the product. If I don’t feel I can write a positive review, I will contact you prior to posting.

Please be advised: If you want a product back after review, this must be stated and agreed upon before I receive the product and write the review. If the product is to be sent back after a review, then I will pay for the return shipping .

Giveaways: Hosting giveaways helps my readers to better understand these products and services, which in turn makes them educated consumers. Furthermore, by allowing one of my readers to win a product of your choice helps to generate customers for your company while giving my readers the opportunity to try out your products! If you think your product is a good fit for The Forever Endeavor, including the readers of this website, please contact me.
Guest Posts: Are you interested in being a guest blogger? I will be having a total of four guest bloggers a month, maximum. Please contact me with your guest blog idea, I would love for you to meet my followers and them to meet you! I only ask that it is PG/PG-13 rated, you are a follower of the Forever Endeavor, you send it to me a week in advance, and you post a blog on your page directing your readers to the guest post on my page. If I have already reached four guest blogs for that month, I would love to keep you in mind of the next!
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