Thursday, April 28, 2011


I think I first heard that word on Oprah, or maybe the movie 'Casper' - you know that one with a super young Christina Ricci and thensuper cute Devon Sawa. Or maybe it was one of the ghosts who said;
"I feel like Oprah on hiatus." 

I'm rambling...

Either way, it's not till recently that I've truly realized what it meant.

Since September, I've been blogging consistently - pretty much daily. Like I've said before, it's an amazing outlet. It's a place I can come every day, remember to be thankful, tell the ones that are important that I love them, chronicle my cooking endeavors, AND I've made really awesome friends in some of you along the way.

So where am I going with this.

I have been, and am going to be a little more absent than normal, and I can only hope you stick with me like you have in the past through everything else that has happened in my life. 

I'm not hurt, my family is ok, Bryan and I are doing great, but it's just time to take a step back and re-evaluate situations and relationships in my life which may take a toll on my blogging life. I'm finally getting a sleep pattern down and getting my anxiety under control, however, I feel like I'm starting to hold what other people say and think of me in higher regard than what I think and feel about myself - and I'm not ok with that.

On that note, I'll still be around, just not as much for the time being.
You ladies are wonderful, and I continue to look in on your lives every day, I might be taking a minor step back for the time being. Thank you for everything - I really do love you guys!

Just know, I'm sure as heck not giving up on myself or this blog :)


  1. I noticed you were a little absent, but I still come to read when you update! I hate when blogging feels like a job and not something that's an outlet and I hate when it gets in the way. So I understand! I hope you enjoy your hiatus and just update when you feel like it. :)

  2. I was wondering why I wasn't seeing as many posts! Just take all the time you need, lovely lady. I'm sure all of your friends/followers will still be here every time you post. :D

  3. awww! I'm going to miss you! but I'm proud of you for doing what you gotta do!

  4. Praying for you Amanda - and sending thoughs and strength your way!

  5. just know that its ok for you to take time for YOURSELF.
    You need to, ok?! :)

  6. I totally know what you mean! I deleted my blog for awhile and totally started over with it to give it a new focus: writing for MY enjoyment. Comments or not. It's always good to refocus! :)

  7. It is important to take time for you! I'll keep you in my prayers friend :)

  8. it is so important to take time out for yourself. glad you are taking this healthy step! as always i appreciate you following me over at wandering spice, and will totally be here in return when you're ready to come back :)