Monday, April 4, 2011

Javier Bardem says...

[well technically Elizabeth Gilbert says:]

Liz Gilbert [Julia Roberts]:
I'm sick of people telling me that I need a man.

Felipe [Javier Bardem]:
You don't need a man, Liz. You need a champion.

Isn't that the truth, doesn't every woman want a man that is a champion?
I read this book at the beginning of last year and enjoyed it. But to be completely honest, I feel like I may have enjoyed the movie even more - or maybe it was because I fell in love with Javier and Julia's chemistry :)


  1. Yes, but don't we all have to run into a few losers first? Isn't that part of the journey (or am I mistakenly assuming that realistic fiction can apply to real life again)?

    Great quote! I love that movie! Haven't read the book yet but might.

  2. That is too cute- reminds me of the song on the movie Footloose "I need a hero" by Bonnie Tyler- so true!

  3. Read the book and watched the movie. Agree with you! They do have something special. =)