Friday, April 1, 2011

dear future littles

Dear future littles,

This is your future mother speaking. Some people may think this is completely crazy, but not me. I want you to know that it is my will in life to be a mom, and I feel so blessed to be yours. I think about you every day and dream of what you'll look like. I imagine you growing in my belly, laying on our bed and watching you kick, and the day you come into this world. I imagine you taking your first steps, eating your first yummy treat, and what your giggle will sound like.

Will you have my golden eyes? Will you have Bryan's mousey brown hair? Will you have long black eyelashes or short stubby blonde ones like me? Will I be able to breast feed you adequately? Will you be healthy? Will I love you no matter what? Will you love me no matter what? Will I be a good mom like I've thought I would be all this time? Will I break down and cry when I can't get you to stop crying? Will I spend all my time worrying  about the person you grow up to be and wanting to protect you? Will I make some of the same mistakes with you that other mother's have made? Will you be born in time to meet your great grandparents?

I can't wait to watch you play with your cousin Sophie, she will love you so much. I can't wait to spend maternity leave for you, it may not be as long as I'd like, but none the less it will be our time. I can't wait spend quiet nights with you rocking you to sleep and nights soothing your tears. I can't wait to watch you grow, and for the first time I can put your hair in a pony (if you're a girl) or a little stud muffin outfit (if you're a boy). I can't wait to see Bryan hold you and fall completely in love with you because he will. I can't wait to rejoice in every milestone - big or small - because you will be brilliant.

No matter what, I will love you unconditionally.

We both love you and can't wait to meet you someday down the road.
Until then I'm counting down a little impatiently.

Lovingly waiting,
Your mama


  1. Oh Amanda, this brought tears to my eyes. It is so sweet of you to write something like this, and it just shows how amazing of a mother you are going to be. I truly loved reading this, and as I read your impatiently post, it just brought me back to when I wanted to be a mother so bad too, but everyone thought I was so young. well guess what, THIS is the best thing that has ever happened to me. And all those other things just went right out the window. All I want is to be a mama. Send you a BIG BIG HUG and love!

  2. I wondered if that post was about babies, but I didn't want to ask. Your letter to them is sweet and you will be a great Mom. Whenever you're ready, you'll be ready and it'll happen. Sometimes you can plan a baby or a pregnancy, it just happens and it's so great (like this one for me). I hope that you guys get pregnant soon so you can start living your dream! I can relate to the waiting because it's all I wanted for a long time before we finally decided to start trying for Joel.

  3. Your blog is great.

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  4. Not gonna lie, I'm lol-ing at the comment above. It sounds really enthusiastic.

    Anyways, loved this! I think all the same things! I wonder what our children will look like and hope that one gets Kent's eyes! And I wonder what their personalities will be like, especially since I work at an after school program. Will be the teacher's helper? Will they be the annoying one? Will they be the shy one? It's so fun to think about!

  5. This was such a sweet, beautiful post! I think these same thoughts all the time!

    new follower by the way!