Monday, April 18, 2011

weekend loves

not having to set an alarm

being woken up by him

rolling over [with half still sleepy eyes] to see if Bryan is awake yet

secretly creeping out of bed if he is, time to catch up on my SVU, do the laundry, and have me time

if he is, cuddling between Harley and him, and laughing about our silly dreams during our slumber

pulling the blinds open to let the day shine in, and the sunshine if I'm so lucky

making breakfast burriots, my weekend speciality

lighting candles and turning on the Scentsy to make it smell better than 'sleep'

greeting the day, at about eleven - I'm okay with that

spending time with family, making it a late night of laughing, games and contentment

taking road trips up, up, up into the mountains

picking up dirty clothes that have been strewn on the floor from the day

the weekend'ly trip to the grocery to buy groceries for the coming week

snuggling back into bed, finding the cold spot in the sheets, and ready to do it all over again 

what are the things about your weekends that you love?

ps - HP7 came out this weekend - makes me excited all over again for the second part to come out in July!!! Until then:


  1. Haha - I like the Keep Calm poster you did. SO appropriate for HP!

    I recently did a post about the weekends. To me, they're paradise:

  2. You are sooo cute :) I love chilling out at the weekends and seeing my friends! Especially in this nice weather! Have a great week :)

  3. awww this is such a cute post!! And yayyyy for HP7! I cannot wait for the second part.

  4. Lol our cats wake us up every morning and it drives us crazy! Lol! I love that poster!

  5. this is so cute! haha i wish i had a cat i got one once and my mum took it away !haha :(
    keep calm and carry on - best saying in the world and perfect for this situation love it x