Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Today's Letters Inspired Tuesday

Today's Letters: Dear recipient of my fabulous lunch making skills, I can only assume that because of this text message. Not only am I more confident in my roast beef sammich making skills, but I know that you appreciate the effort - that's even better. Dear Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Part 2, I start giggling like a school girl and my voice goes about eight octaves higher when I think/talk about you [or so I'm told]. I know, I may be THE biggest HP nerd ever, but I can't help it - I grew up with Harry through each book and I'm so excited to see his last quest come to life on the big screen July 15th. Whoop!  Dear Pam [checker at Walmart], I watched you chat it up with the family two turns in front of me, then with the person in front of me, then it was my turn to hear all about how your sister is naming her daughter 'Reality'. I get that you think it's an awful name, but maybe you should be giving your sister the same benefit of the doubt that I gave you. I sat and waited patiently for you to bag my groceries, and when you were finished, all I could do was smile. You obviously needed someone to talk to about this matter, I'm glad I could be of service :) Dear Bear, you are the sun to my shine, the bon to my fire, and grilled to my steak, can't wait for summer to get here so we can enjoy all of these wonderful things together, our first summer as husband and wife :) Until then, take advantage of all that X-box gaming, microphone talking, electronic male bonding in that you can, because baby, once that sun is out, we are outside. Over and out.

One of the things I want to get better at, especially approaching the summer months, is making our lunches to save money. What's something you're doing to cut costs?

PS - see the inspiration for this post and all my other Tuesday Letters - HERE!

PSS - I have been sadly neglecting "The Pollyanna Project" and my heart is taking a toll. This is me making myself accountable for looking for ONE good thing in everyone and every situation. I believe in myself.


  1. I use reusable containers for (most) of my lunch. Saves the environment too :)

    As always, I enjoyed reading your letters :)

  2. Dear Amanda -
    You are too cute, I just can't stand it! Everytime I read your Teusday blog it ALWAYS makes me giggle!

  3. I am also ridiculously excited for the new Harry Potter movie!! I can't wait!

  4. love your tuesday letters as always! :) good job on the sammich making skills!!!

  5. I believe in you!
    Ps, can't WAIT for harry either! :D

  6. Love this -- Thanks for stopping by my blog!