Saturday, April 2, 2011


Tossed by the sea
smoothed by the sand
it started as something that Bryan and I would collect whenever we went to Alki Beach while skipping class during our senior, but it has turned into something more. We've now collected a piece of seaglass from each beach we've been to including;
-the Washington coast
-the Oregon coast
-the California coast
-Cabo san Lucas, Mexico
-Mazatlan, Mexico

I hope it's something that we can continue to do and can give to our children as a keepsake from our many travels. Not to mention, aren't they just beautiful? Each individually shaped by the waves. I love to think about the places it's been. Our jar is full of seaglass, a few seashells and memories


  1. Beautiful.

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  2. Hey how do you find these on the beach? Is it just in fresh water? Because I live near Lake Michigan and have never seen it before but I LOVE it!! So beautiful!