Friday, April 15, 2011

what does your home say about you?

You know, you walk into someones house and there are a few things that you notice off the bat. 

1. the smell - every house, in my opinion at least, has a smell. Could smell like yummy candles, or fresh baked cookies, or your pets, or laundry [like my parents] 

2. the mess[or lack there of] - Listen, if any of you were to ever come to my house, you may see 1 and/or 3 things. Clean laundry, because I always put off folding it. Dirty dishes that are soaking, because I hate scrubbing pans right after dinner.

3. the atmosphere - whether it is the photos and/or decals, the movie/book shelves, the general home-yness.

These are past contenders that I absolutely fell in love with, especially the third one:

and just recently I found this one:

so within the next month or so, the challenge to myself and to my readers friends to decide for yourself and your family:

What does your home say about you?
I'd love to check back in a couple weeks to see what you guys have thought of and share with you our home's 'mission statement'.

I hope you all had a fabulous week!
Finally Bryan and I are both getting over our colds and our house is becoming a sick free zone once again. Remember how I talked about smells? I think if someone walked into our home this week it would smell like Vicks, cough drops, and hot peach tea! :)

Happy weekend loves!


  1. So we are totally on the same wave length here! Love this, and those ideas on the walls are AWESOME!

  2. I agree that every home has a smell! I've always felt that way. Ours seems to always smell like baby poop now, but I blame that on my heightened pregnancy senses! Lol. Having a mission statement is a great idea. I've thought of that many times, but haven't quite captured ours yet. I know I want it to be something about love, faith, and creativity. :)

  3. My house basically says that baseball players, a football ref, bakers, cooks, cats, and a family of two parents and 3 grown kids live there. And that there's only one daughter who's obsessed with pink and flowers and two boys who don't mind a mess and love video games. Yeah, that's pretty much the gist of it.

  4. i love all those wall prints! i am always worried about how my house smells! haha! i hope it smells nice to other people! :)

  5. You are so fun! I just love this post! Home decor/houses in general I love! Being on the house hunt I have definitely smelt my share of smells, and seen some interesting decor! Have a wonderful weekend lady!

  6. I love our apartment! Our last apartment smelled like mold, there were annoying ducks outside, it had horrible was so depressing. But this apartment has warm tones, walls filled with things we like and that mean something to us, it makes all the difference, a comfy bed, it makes all the difference! :)

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  8. I love these! i feel like our home is very homey but it still is one of those that says yes we're not planning on being here long. I can't wait to put down roots and buy a house where we can paint and decorate to our hearts content!