Monday, December 27, 2010

10 Favorite Memories of Christmas 2010

10. Getting coke Slurpee's at 7-11 at 4am the morning we left for Wasco. Actually, we had entirely TOO much sugar that morning. Slurpee's along with donuts from Voodoo Donuts in Portland, energy drinks, coffee, and other really unhealthy snacks as well.

9. Actually road tripping with my family - it was most definitely crazy to be in the car with my siblings, mom and husband for 18 hours, but oh-so worth it. You can read about when we arrived - here. I took this picture when my sixteen year old brother was driving us through Mt. Shasta, I have to say I was fearing for my life a little bit...

8. Spent real, quality, family time laughing and enjoying each other's company. I think this says it all.

7. Enjoyed beautiful sunrises
 and sunsets

6. Played dress up with great-grandma's old jewelry - even Bryan joined in :)

5. Giggled over old Christmas tree ornaments

and loved new ones

4. Went to the Pismo Beach/Morro Bay for the day with my cousin, her husband and son. It was Bryan's first time to either of these beaches, I was so excited to take him somewhere that holds great memories for me :)

[Logan, Eric and Angela Butler]

3. Spent Christmas eve with my mom's side of the family for the first time in - I don't even know how long. There was a LOT of eating, a LOT of chatting, and a LOT of laughing. My favorite kind of night :) Hanna and I stole away for a quick "sister picture". It is truly an evening I will remember forever. 

2. Getting TOTALLY spoiled by Mom and Bryan. She got us a Flip video camera, the Glee soundtracks, and much more. Bryan got me this beautiful necklace. I hope to wear it every days as a memory of our first Christmas together as husband and wife <3 Mushy, I know, but I was so surprised when I opened this...

1. My VERY favorite memory/highlight of this whole trip? Spending time with this little cutie here. He is technically my 2nd cousin, but I think he should just call me "Auntie Manda". His name is Logan Dean Butler and I am in love with him - sorry Bryan ;) Ah, I miss waking up to this little guy every morning. I may or may not have gotten a teensy bit picture happy with him.

So that was our California Christmas in a nutshell. Every time I visit my Granny and Papa's house I'm reminded what it truly feels like to be home. Do you know what I mean? It smells the same, looks the same, and is always waiting there for you to come back.

I've missed you all and can't wait to catch up on your Christmas adventures as well!
We will now return to our regularly scheduled programming. ;)


  1. That beach looks amazing!Glad you had a fun Christmas!

  2. how fun! love your slurpee adventures! :) glad you guys had fun!!!!!

  3. Those are some great memories! I'm so jealous of number 10...that sounds like the kind of sugar high I live for!!

    And the necklace is beautiful!