Friday, December 3, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Sock Swap

The Good
I'm so excited I can barely contain myself! 
My very best girlfriend, Kelsy -that's Kelsey with only one E- is coming to stay the weekend with me. We became best friends in college and have remained best friends to this day. However it's tough because she lives about an hour or so away still. She is one of those friends that can tell exactly what I'm thinking or feeling without either of us saying a word. She's always witty, I'm jealous that she's so quick with her words and always knows what to say. She plays hard and loves harder. I can't wait to spend an ENTIRE weekend together! 
Cheers to best friends :) She is my favorite thing this week!
 This past summer at Jamie and David's wedding, it was hotter than blazes but we still managed to pull of a cute picture :)
 G'd up from the feet up! Us - Sophomore year :)
Trying to make ugly faces!

The Bad
Yesterday I yelled at a complete stranger-
over a parking spot.
I know I was completely justified in my argument, but I've never, EVER done anything like that. When it was over, I was shaking and I felt like my blood was boiling. You know when you get a surge of adreniline and then after it's gone you feel - what's the word? - exhausted?
I felt empowered for standing up for myself and awful for screaming in public at a perfect stranger. On my way back to work I started crying, ughhh. It was one of those situations that I wish I could have done over. I don't know what he was going through in his life to make him so sour at that moment. Maybe I should have bit my tongue, maybe not. Either way, I think the fact that it was over a parking spot makes me most upset. 
And to top it off, when I was getting back in my car after the scene I had caused, and hit my head - hard - on the top of the door. 
It's kind of Harry Potter-esque...maybe?

The Sock Swap
Liv over at Simply Sunshine and Daisy's is hosting this really awesome event
A Christmas sock swap :)
Because really? Who doesn't love socks, and Christmas-y ones at that!
So, if you'd like to partake, you can click here OR her button is on the side of my blog :)

PS - 365 Days in Pictures - Have you ever seen these videos on youtube? If not, you should search Keenan Cahill - half creepy/half mildly entertaining.


  1. Oh no Amanda! I hate it when I end up doing something silly like that and then regret it! Seriously, sometimes I just have to bite my tongue and then I am so much happier when I do! And your scar is a little Harry Potter like, haha! Have a blast with your Kelsy one E!

  2. Oh, WOW! ;) Just calm down happens to the best of us-you're human! Live & LEARN!!

  3. Have fun with your best friend :)

    and we all have moments like that, we are only human!

    Have a fabulous weekend!!

  4. such a cute post! haha love looking back at old pics! love the harry potter-esque scar you got going on!