Sunday, December 5, 2010

Best friends & babies

This weekend was everything I'd hoped it would be and MORE - believe it or not! 

Friday evening Kelsy and I started our night out right-cheap Riesling, frozen Totino's pizza, watching Grey's on Hulu and some knitting of course :)
-Best friends established 2005-

-You can kind of see Christina Yang's curly mane on my Mac :)-

Saturday morning we woke up and ventured down the hill to Kent Station, the plan was to meet for coffee, take pictures with Santa, watch the parade, and the go to the little animal to pick out a new kitten for Christine and Sophia since they just moved out into their own apartment...We met for coffee, and went straight for the baby kitties.
I can't even explain how cute all these kittens were, Sophia was in Heaven.
 And since she has the best mom EVER, she got to adopt TWO kittens! 
Please meet: Seraphina (white kitty) & Wolfy (tabby kitty)
And at the last minute, Kelsy's heart was bursting to adopt this little girl, she named her Willie (After The Goonies and One eyed Willy) She was born with a bulging eye and had to have it removed.

With three new kittens in tow we headed home! Pet adoption is AWESOME!
Saturday evening Christine headed off to hear second job, and Kelsy and I headed to the baby shower for Ksavera and baby Kellen. So if anyone is keeping count, we were leaving Bryan at home with the three kittens and a three year old... I'm so glad we found him in one piece. 
The shower was wonderful, great friends, good food, and all of the wonderful gifts they received were SO cute! AH! It was not a good idea for a woman is battling mild baby fever to be around kittens and baby clothes in the same day! None the less, I'm so happy for Ksavera and her husband Jason, I can't wait for Kellen to be here! 
 -Cutest preggo lady ever! I said she needs a shirt to wear to the hospital that says "I make pregnancy look good!" LOL-
-I <3 her and her beautiful belly with a growing baby inside :)-

All in all this weekend was fabulous! 
It did make me reminisce and miss how Harley used to be the cutest kitten ever, so I thought it only appropriate since I was oogling over other kittens all weekend that I include some pictures of my handsome boy as well :) 
 -What a mancat...Sigh... the days of kittens are over for me... -

-Definitely not my greatest photo, but I love that he's cuddling with my leg :) Thanks for capturing that, Kels-

GREAT weekend :) I hope your weekends were just as fantabulous!
Bring it on Monday!


  1. Aww so cute! Glad you had a good weekend! She is a very cute pregnant woman!

  2. Wolfy looks like our cat Lady, especially when she adopted us as a kitten. :)

    And Harley looks as lazy as both our cats, specifically Ross, who likes to sleep on the arms of couches.

  3. What adorable little kitties :)

    And cheap Riesling?! No better way to go!

    So glad you and your friend had a great time together. Memories like that make life so much better! :)

  4. what a cute post today! love the sleepy cat! happy monday amanda!!! :)

  5. so glad you guys had fun! those knitting pictures look so cozy!!!

  6. amanda, i use an online program called picnik. i just took the picture with my iphone with the normal camera and then I edited it . what makes it look so old is the textures that you can add on top of the pictures! hope this helps!

  7. looks like everyone had a blast! :) What ADORABLE kittens!!! Harley is still adorable as well :)

    <3 Ash