Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thankful Thursday

 32. Harley - If you didn't think I was a crazy cat lady already, this may be the deciding factor. My cat was looking extra fluffy last night and kept hanging over the back of the stool like this, and was being totally cute so I decided he needed a photo shoot, I may be biased, but he's pretty stinkin cute. Until I have babies of my own, be prepared to see photos of him :)

 "No Edward, you do it like this!"
 "Please Mom, no more pictures"

33. Having cable again - Listen, we have been without cable or any kind of television for that matter, for two and a half years. There was a great deal on cable since we already receive our internet through DirectTV, so we decided to go ahead and do it. Can I just tell you how much I've TOTALLY missed the Food Network?! I'm not kidding, Bryan may come home someday soon and see me pretending to have my own cooking show in the kitchen. Just sayin... :)

34. The thought of sugar cookies - I had a MAJOR sugar cookie fail last night. I was beating the dough in one of my older stock pots because it's the deepest bowl shaped thing I have, and after it had chilled in the fridge, I went to pull it out and there were little black specks in the dough from when the beaters were hitting the bottom of the pot. I was sooo bummed, it was a double batch too! However, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again :) Right? Right.

35. My sister Hanna - This photo just makes me smile. Hanna came to our house to witness said sugar cookie fail, but despite the chaos in the kitchen, all she wanted to do was show Bryan and I her new favorite song, it's called "On the Brightside" by Never Shout Never. I love her so much, and love that she has so much passion for the things in her life, including music. But the look on Bryan's face is priceless... LOL

36. The Sing Off - I'm not sure if most of you are aware of my love for acapella music. I wrote about it yesterday and said it brings tears to my eyes because it truly does. I wish I had a fraction of the talent those groups do on this show. But our favorite group of the season thus far is Committed :) Seriously, sends chills down your spine...

What are you thankful for this week my friends? :)


  1. Aw crazy cat lady! Your sister has wonderful taste in music! I am thankful that I am in good health :)

  2. Amanda! I am thankful for you and your sweet comment!! I HAVE to tell you, I just recently cut my hair SUPER short and the bun works on my short hair! Really, you should still try it! But make sure to do it with atleast a day dirty hair! I promise it will still work! From the looks of your new profile picture up there your hair looks longer than mine...let me know if it works. I just pin my short pieces up in the back!

  3. Haha - love the pics of Harley! He looks like such a cuddlebug!

    And did you know that one of the groups on the Sing-Off is from Washington, or at least two of the members are? One of the singers in the group is a Central grad and another is a Central student, so it's getting a lot of buzz over here. The group is called Groove for Thought.

  4. gah!! Your little Harley looks just like my Speckals did.. aww makes me want another kitty so bad!! I think im ok with two kids tho. haha. ;)

  5. love the pictures of Harley!!!!!!!!! And the thought of sugar cookies tickle my fancy! Sorry your batch was a fail, and hopefully your next try, they turn out perfecto! :)

    <3 Ash

  6. haha harley is sooo cute :)

  7. AMANDA.....I LOVE THE SING OFF AND I LOVE COMMITTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry i wrote in all those caps...but i love them and i hit rewind a billion times to watch them over and over! :) heehee! okay...i'm done raving. have a happy day amanda!