Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thoroughly Thankful Thursday

37. Road trips - Bryan and I have decided to take a road trip this weekend, I'm so excited. Some of our best/funniest/most thoughtful conversations come from these trips. I can't wait to pack peanut butter sandwiches, baby oranges, and venti size cans of Mucho Mango. Bring on the open road, some good tunes, and quality time with my hubby :)

38. Christmas decorations at work - I've been kind of bummed out this season since we decided to forgo a Christmas tree to save money. However, my awesome co-worker and friend, made stockings for our entire office and hung them above my desk. Lorraine, thank you for decking the halls and making my spirits bright :)

39. New blog followers - Hello everyone, I am thoroughly thankful for you this week! I love love love reading your comments and try hard to follow back! Cheers for new friends :)

40. My yellow, comfy pants - Ok listen, I have this pair of the most comfy pants in the world EVER! My dilema? Bryan thinks they are the ugliest pants in the world EVER. He hates them with a passion, I love them with a passion. Do you have that favorite pair of sweats that you just let out a big "ahhhhhhhhh" when you put them on? These are it for me. I'll be mortified when they are unwearable. Until then, I'm super thankful for my favorite yellow, comfy pants :)

(just you can see up close, how awesome they are, please excuse my ugly feeties :)
What are you thankful for this week my fabulous friends?


  1. i loved this list :)
    its funny how a little gesture like decorations can lift the mood of so many people!xx

  2. ohhh totally get the SO comfy ugly pants! Mine have been warn OUT the fabrc is so thin, holes all over, but I haven't been able to find a pair that feels the same!

  3. I love my SOOOOO comfy ugly pants! Mine have penguins on them haha

  4. Have a great time on your road trip!!

    I have found that the ugliest sweat pants are the best, most comfortable ones! :)

  5. Sounds like a perfect weekend ahead! Where are you guys going? Love the stockings and your adorable pants. Bryan doesn't know what he's talking about. LOL.

    <3 Ash

  6. have a fabulous road trip amanda!!!!!!!!!!! love those baby oranges! :) i have some comfy pants too that tim makes fun of! they are the best!