Friday, December 17, 2010

Favorite Things Friday

This is it folks! My last "favorite things Friday" posts :) It's been fun thinking about my favorite things every week, it makes me remember that I am truly blessed. Well, I have just a few more faves to share with you! 

I am in LOVE with my stocking for Christmas this year :) It just makes my heart happy! If you are interested in finding a SUPER cute stocking for pretty cheap - TARGET! I just love that this will be my stocking for as long as it lasts. Sure I've had stockings before, but this one seems special, it will represent our first Christmas together as a married couple.

I don't know about your beauty regimen in the morning, but mine doesn't always include makeup, sometimes I try to give my face a break. But when I do wear it, I love it. I LOVE make up. All make up. And if I had to pick my one favorite thing I use, it's gotta be my eye liner, L'Oreal Lineur Intense felt tip liquid eyeliner in carbon black. It gives a really sharp smooth looking line and doesn't smudge during the day like I find other eye liners do. However, contrary to popular belief, you don't have to have a super steady hand, this eye liner is pretty forgiving :) LOVE it!
And last but not least, these two... 
Walking through Target last night, watching Sophie sit on Bryan's shoulders and them laughing and talking together, just brought pure joy to my heart. 

I hope your weeks have been quick and painless!! ONE week until Christmas, can you believe it?! I won't be blogging until probably about Monday, I hope you all have an amazing weekend with loved ones!


  1. I got my stocking at Target too! Anthony and I have these knitted stockings that we've had since we were babies. They're green with our names on the white part at the top and have a 3-D type Santa that takes up most of the stocking. The whole thing is lined in red. However, I wanted a newer one so Mom and I looked at options. I found a hot pink one with large sequin-like discs stitched all over the thing in neat rows with a white fake-fur top. I <3 it.

    I've never been much of an eyeliner girl (and I kind of don't need mascara - Italian genetics gave me long lashes) but the brand you use sounds like a good choice if I were to start :) And I don't wear make-up either, unless I have time in the morning before heading to class.

  2. Your stocking is so cute!

    Have a fabulous weekend :)

  3. Have a great weekend love! I couldn't live without my eyeliner. BUT, I have never used a liquid eyeliner. Is that better? I may have to try it! And I LOVE your stocking - it's super cute :)

    <3 Ash