Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You can get with this, or you can get with that...

I sometimes find myself looking at others and wishing I had what they had. Their cars, their clothes, their butts, you name it. It feels unhealthy at sometimes really. 
Why am I constantly unsatisfied with me and what I have? 
With me?

Why can't I have Blake Lively's long beautiful blonde locks? If I tried to grow my hair out this long and have it beautifully curled the way she does, it would be a  HOT MESS!

Why can't I have a HUGE, beautiful house like on Father of the Bride
(PS-Am I the only one obsessed with this house?)

Why wasn't I born into the Kardashian family and have a super hot butt like Kim's?


Because I don't have a personal stylist to make me look pretty every day.
I'm sure the person who owns that beautiful house worked very hard for it.
And because who needs a big butt anyway when you've got family like I do.

I know, I know, everyone goes through these moments. But it's time to stop wishing and comparing my life to celeberties and everyone else in general for that matter. It's time to take pride in myself, my belongings, and my attributes. It's just time to be all around thankful.


  1. I think its funny that i posted this as my facebook status today... it kinda speaks right to you. :)

    "I think everyone should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so that they can see that it's not the answer."-Jim Carrey

  2. Awww Amanda! You are ADORABLE and I LOVE your personality (from what I have seen through your writing) not to mention how pretty you are. Those "celebrities" are never satisfied or happy anyways! but yes, I find myself doing this ALL THE TIME too, why can't I be a size 0?

  3. Oh my dear, everyone goes through these phases. I for one would kill for Blake livelys hair, the father of the bride house, and I would be happy with just a quarter of Kim's ass. Haha. But think of all the amazing qualities you have. You're beautiful, have a loving husband, a supportive family and a heart of gold. People would love to have what you have. You're fabulous. :)

  4. Yes everyone does this! I even have done it a time or two! Oh and did you get my email about the Christmas Sock Swap?

  5. omgawsh ur retarded.. u are GORGEOUS! always have been for as long as I have known you!? ridiculousness... ;) but trust me.. when it comes to days like this?? I feel ya...
    Ps - no, I am SO in <3 with that house too! seriousness!!

  6. Boy, we've all been there--Although I've always wished for gorgeous dark hair and a better tan!:)

    Sometimes we just have to turn off the TV (or in my case, throw out the darn Pottery Barn catalog!) an focus on what we have and be thankful. Thanks for being brave and sharing, it's nice to know I'm not the only one that struggles with an ungrateful heart from time to time.

  7. I'm going through the same thing! I find myself lately comparing me to everyone else. I just need to be content in who I am, flaws and all. :)

  8. I would go for all the above. I feel like we are both in the same feeling right now. Plus, after my family photos... whoa. I look gross. I go to the gym everyday now, but man it's a lot of work and very slow results, but I guess that is what it takes to get back on the road of health. I wish sometimes I could go back to 19 and be that person. I felt good and looked good. However, I have a beautiful product that my body sacrificed for. You are a beautiful individual and have got more than blake and Kim.

  9. I'm jealous of you! You've had boyfriends, you have lots of good friends, you have a big family you get to see constantly and do fun stuff with on a regular basis, you're confident despite being plus-sized in a size-0 society, you're not in college, you have a job, you can drive, you're not a picky eater, in high school you seemed to be the kind of person who followed the trends and wore the popular labels (like Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, etc.), and you have a reason to blog.

    As you can see, I do this all the time: compare myself to others, whether it's how many notes I'm taking compared to my neighbor, how many people are talking on their cell phones and texting while walking compared to me, etc. It seems to be a natural thing, whether or not we want to compare and be competitive with one another.

  10. i have always majorly wanted the house on father of the bride too! perfection for sure! :)

  11. Blake Lively in my opinion is the most gorgeous girl on the planet! I LOVE that house too. You are right though, we can't compare ourselves to others but we've all been there for sure!

  12. Thank you SO much for all of your words, ladies. It means more to me than you know. It's hard not to get down on yourself every now and then, but it's important to focus on the positive as opposed to the negative.

    Really though, you all touched my heart deeply today, and I really needed it. I wish I could give you all HUGE hugs, so consider this a virtual hug :)


  13. So sorry I'm just now getting caught up on blog things, Amanda! Chin up, sister! :) The media does a fantastic job at making us "everyday girls" so insecure sometimes. You are beautiful just the way God made you!

    ....is your blog title from the Salt-n-Pepa song "None of Your Business?" You've totally got it stuck in my head now. It's one of my go-to karaoke songs for those wilder nights! Ha!