Friday, February 25, 2011

Awkward.....or Awesome?

I'm participating in a fun little contest over at my cute friend Jessie's blog.
She is having a 'Funniest Hubby Picture' contest! Do you have a an embarrassing/funny/incriminating photo of your husband?

Ya know one like this one:

Ok ok, let's be fair, maybe one of both of you like this one:

I'll go ahead and take the laughs for that one...pretty awful. LOL

Anyway, hop on over to her blog and enter!


  1. Awesome. Definitely awkwardly awesome! :D

  2. HAHAHA Amanda I love ALL your pictures - you 2 are SO fun!

  3. manda, that picture made my day :)

  4. Oh my gosh, those are hilarious! You two are so cute together!

  5. It takes a big man to let his wife post a pic like that on a blog ;) Rock on!!! Hope all is well sweetie!

  6. hahahahahahaha!!!!!!
    oh my sweet amanda, thank you so much for putting a big ol' smile on my face :)

    this is just great!
    hope you had a great weekend beautiful!