Friday, February 25, 2011

Thankful...Friday a little late

However, late is better than never, right? :)
Last week I gave it dedicated an entire post to my Harley kitty - a little crazy-cat-lady, I know. But I sure do love that little fur ball.

66. Kisses from my husband - I love those lips!
[taken last April on Alki at sunset <3]

67. My mom - I really don't say it enough. Seriously, this woman is amazing. I love her more than coke slurpees [and if you know me, you know that's a lot] She drove kinda far out of her way on Monday to bring me Gatorade, pedialyte, and kitty litter, for Harley of course but I couldn't make it to the store to get it myself. She stayed for a minute said she loved me then turned around and drove right back home. I'm seriously spoiled, however, I want to make sure I NEVER take her for granted. I love you mom!

68. The Oscars - Growing up in my house, Oscar night meant something special. It meant Dad made a fancy dinner that night, and my mom and I sat in the living room huddled on the couch ooh-ing and ahh-ing about the glamorous dresses and handsome suits. We love movies, therefore we love the actors. Hopefully this Sunday I can be sitting in my parent's living room doing that very same thing :)

69. Best friends - This past weekend I was able to spend an entire weekend with this little cutie. I'm so blessed to have such lasting and amazing friendships. We took an adventure to the other side of the lake we live on, enjoyed a bonfire, ate a TON and laughed a LOT :) Best kind of weekend with my best friend. Can't get much better.

and last but not least

70. This little stud muffin aka the next AMERICAN IDOL - CONGRATULATIONS Stefano! You are making all of us so proud! You better believe you'll have most of King County voting for you! You are living the dream and it started in our home town! Get it! :)

What are YOU thankful for this week?

What are your weekend plans? I get to spend a lot of time at Hooters... yeah, more on that on Monday. Until then, I hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend! Soak up some sun [if ya got it in your neck of the woods!]


  1. I was late for Thankful on a Thursday too--better late than never! :) Great list. Hope you have a great weekend!


    Are you guys filling out who you think will win? We always do that and it's super fun! I'm disappointed I'm not throwing a party this year!

  3. The past few year, my mom and I have somewhat done something similar for the CMA and ACM awards. Since both award shows are on while I'm at school, we both watch and text and talk on the phone as we watch. Beginning next November, we'll be able to watch them in the same room for a while. We'll probably make some popcorn and cheer when our favorite win.

    I was SO FREAKIN' EXCITED when Stefano moved on to the next round! I don't think I've voted since Carrie Underwood but I'm totally voting this year!

  4. Love this- you are the sweetest thing. Your mom sounds like a complete doll. I love your little oscars night tradition, that sounds so fun!

  5. I've never had an Oscar traditon but I married into a movie loving family and last night we had our first of hopefully many "Oscar nights" at our house. My husband's sister and her new husband and their two "little brothers" who really aren't that little came and ate all our favorite foods and indulged.

    I'd have NEVER in a million years thought that watching the Oscars could be so special.