Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Eye'm thinkin...

I want to get eyelash extensions put back on...
I don't know if I've expressed my insecurity about my short, blonde, stubby eyelashes before? Well, now you know. It's awful. I know it's something really small to care about, but I'm a girl. I love mascara, love sparkly eye shadow, and liquid eyeliner. All I'm missing are those long lashes.


I got them put on before the wedding and I ABSOLUTELY loved them. However, the initial fee is $115 and every 'fill' [every 4 weeks or so] is about $55...
is it worth it?

[Before ps sorry for the creepy eye pictures]


Holy dark, long, lucious lashes! This is WITHOUT mascara ladies!

Double sigh....

Would you pay to have one of your insecurities go away?

We'll see...


  1. Wow - looking fab!

    Passed on 2 blog awards to you over at my blog!!
    Go check'em out - thanks for being awesome!
    Hugs xxx

  2. I don't know if I could financially rationalize that--as much as I'd like too :/ I'm a tight wad, though.

    I have the SAME lashes as you do. I always feel like a chemo patient when I go without mascara.

  3. Does it hurt to have them put on?? If I could pay 150$ and feel perfect I would.

  4. woah!!!!!!!! sign me up for that! i didn't even know there was such a thing!

  5. I think it's worth it if it makes you feel beautiful and secure, and you can afford it.

    There's just some splurges that every woman should be able to do. I splurge every 3 weeks on getting my eyebrows waxed, and haven't touched a pair of tweezers in almost 5 years. Some people splurge and get manis & pedis every 2 weeks.

    i say go for it. you're allowed to splurge on yourself a little. and who knows, maybe you can shop around and find someone a little more inexpensive. {and tell me if you do... I hate my eyelashes too!}

  6. I've never had them before. Do what makes you happy....that's what I say!

  7. I had NO IDEA you could do this!!! I wanna try! Holy amazing. I say go for it. I'm all about self esteem and whatever makes you feel gorgeous. HOWEVER, money always add stress so maybe make sure you can budget it in and then I say do it :)

    You will look gorgeous either way though my dear.. so even if you don't get them.. you are still BEAUTIFUL!

  8. hello friend! ive missed you too!

    i think if that is something that will make you feel beautiful and confident then it is absolutely worth it. especially if you have the money to do it! i got hair extensions 3 years ago and it was the most beautiful i have felt. its so great to look in the mirror and feel beautiful. i am all about self improvement and feeling lovely!

  9. I totally understand. I am so insecure about my teeth. Tommy and I have been debating me getting braces, but I feel so selfish spending all that money on just me! But it is an insecurity that has plagued me my whole life.

    But on the other, hello? You have gorgeous eyes! Long eyelashes or not, they are beautiful! Such a pretty color and shape and you always do your make up so cute. And, believe me, I am not just saying that to make you feel better (though I hope it did)! You are gorgeous! =]

  10. Ohhhh! And I use Maybelline Full N Soft is the only mascara I will use and it's the best!! Give it a shot! =]

  11. You ladies are the best. Thank you so much for your thoughts, I still haven't decided yet though.

    Ashley - it doesn't hurt at ALL. You lay on your back with your eyes closed and they slip a falsey on each individual lash. It's actually really relaxing and I fell asleep last time! :)

    Jackie - I use that mascara sometimes too! I LOVE it! :)

  12. Wow! It does look pretty and if I had money to spare, I would pay for certain things, but these days I simply revel in a hair cut!

  13. I... had no idea that you could even GET extensions for eyelashes!

  14. WOW these look absolutely amazing!!!