Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Today Letter's Inspired Tuesday

(flowers delivered to work yesterday by my wonderful hubby :)

Today's Letters: Dear sweet husband of mine, this past weekend we celebrated Valentine's day a little early by visiting one of our favorite Seattle restaurants and treating ourselves to a movie. I love you more than tulips in beer bottles, coke Icee's, and Christian Bale's performance in 'The Fighter' [that's a LOT!] Dear Jimmy John's, It is with deep sorrow I must say you have lost the race to Jersey Mike's - they will forever be our favorite sub sandwich shop, nothing beats a #13 with pickles and bacon. Good try though. Dear Lady Gaga's Grammy Entrance, what the what?! you have fully outweirded yourself. I get it, you want to be different, avantgarde, outrageous...but an egg? However, you must be doing something right because people are still talking about it this morning! Dear Bryan James, thanks for giving me butterflies when you come up behind me in the kitchen and put your arms around me. Ten points for a tush squeeze too!

What gives you butterflies?

PS - As always, please see inspiration for this post HERE - Tim and Em are UH-mazing <3

Past favorite Tuesday Letters include:
The one where we had ice cream and watched Jersey Shore
The one where the Seahawks shocked the state and Bryan made me a heart
The one where we found out we got the house and Bryan's bowling card


  1. My boyfriend is amazing. I get butterflys just seeing him after four years!

  2. How cute! I love the check boxes on the card!

  3. Oh Amanda you 2 are so stinking cute, seriously! I love reading your fun stories!

  4. Love tush squeezes. ;) In Oklahoma we have a Planet Sub which is amazingly delicious. In my opinion it surpasses Jersey Mikes and Jimmy Johns!

  5. oh my heck! butterflies must be a common theme for today!
    look at my post! ahhh

    I hope you two darlings had a great valentine's day! :)