Thursday, February 17, 2011

girl crush number 2

Don't judge...

But what happened to this Lindsay Lohan?

Poor Lindsay, can't seem to make a right decision if her life depended on it :(

Alas, my second girl crush is on the old Lindsay, red hair and all. Loved her in Mean Girls, Freaky Friday, Georgia Rule and Herbie Fully Loaded. Not the best cinematic experiences I've ever had, but I just really liked her when she had her act together.


Any girl crushes as of late you'd like to fess up to?


  1. she used to be super fabulous! mine would have to be natalie portman. preggers and all, she is just divine. and so, so smart. i think that's my favorite part:)

  2. That picture was seriously my desktop for about a year, ugh. So fabulous. Other girl crushes? Isla Fisher, fo sho.

  3. Her future was so promising. My mom and I keep wondering where she went wrong.

    I'm not sure who I have a girl crush on. I do think a lot of country singers and actresses are gorgeous and classy, but I'm not sure that counts (plus there are too many to list).

  4. I will admit it. I'm a Lindsay lohan fan too. : )

  5. oh, blake lively is a good one. and yes, that lindsay was so much better than the bleached blonde alcoholic skeleton one.