Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday

61. Love - I have to say, I'm thankful for love. The mushy kind, the family kind, and the kind for yourself. But since it's February, national LOVE month, I'll be thankful for the mushy kind if that's OK with ya'll.

62. Antibiotics - Love em or hate em, they helped me get through this last week. I've had fevers, coughing attacks and body aches up the ying yang and would've been in WAY more agony than I was without those things.

63. My baby sister - This gorgeous young woman is growing up right in front of me and it's freaking me out!
What happened to my little crazy red haired sister who loved Dragon Tales and cheerios? Obviously those things when out the door when puberty hit, but dang... I miss those little red ringlets! LOL I love you Hanner, you are becoming a beautiful lady. And with my purse, your new lanyard, and a coffee mug, you look 10 years older. Stoooop it!

64. American Idol & dreams coming true - SO neat, I went to school with one of the kids that's made it to the top 40 (or so I've read on gossip sites) his name is Stefano Langone watch for this guys' name in lights, he gives you goosebumps! I wasn't best friends with him or anything but I had a couple classes with him, he has a really good heart and a POWERFUL voice that will knock your socks off! Go Stefano! :)

65. Firsts - the first dinner in our new home - mac&cheese and pigsinablanket, mmmmm!

What are my friends thankful for today?
I'd love to hear... see... whatever :)


  1. I remember in junior high, I stayed after school with the Home Ec teacher to work on something and Stefano came in to make a phone call. Her policy was that students had to give her candy or something in order to use the phone but for him, he had to sing a song she requested. He sang "Ave Maria" - GORGEOUS! I can only imagine what all these years of practicing has done.

  2. OMG Loving your list this week, and the picture for your Love is SO adorable! yay!

  3. I used to have mac and cheese and pigs in a blanket every year for my birthday dinner :) I'm glad you're happy in your new home!!

  4. wow, could you be any more lovely?! I don't think so :) Seriously, you look gorgeous in your photos! SO happy!

    I LOVE THAT YOU LOVE TOO!!!! Haha, obviously, Love never fails :)

    Pigs in a blanket, my favorite!!
    I'm thankful for my amazing blogging friends, like you Miss Amanda!!!!

  5. Love mac and cheese...YUMMY!

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    Have a blessed Thursday!

  6. That is so fun you cooked your first meal in your new home! I am so happy for you guys!

  7. Cute post! Thanks for reminding me to be thankful this Thursday :)

  8. That dinner looks so dang good! I need it. It's been way too long since I've had mac&cheese.

  9. Very nice post. I love pigs in a blanket. I made that just last week for my kids :)

  10. Now I'm craving Mac & Cheese!!!

  11. yay for first dinner at new home! how exciting!i adore the mushy kind of love. I feel like I have been away from trav for too long lately and it's making me a little sad. :( glad you're feeling better and that you're baby sis was able to take care of you!

    <3 ash