Thursday, March 31, 2011

girl crush number three

Lauren Conrad 

She's so stinkin pretty! And I love how her hair always looks gorgeous! Well done LC, well done.

ps - what are you thankful for today?
pss - what is your opinion on Amway?
psss- what would the letter to your future littles look like? Check back tomorrow for mine :)


  1. i wish i had her hair! (only in dark brown haha)

  2. I've never watched The Hills but I still love Lauren Conrad! She seems so classy and sweet. And she has pretty good fashion sense and style (the overtanned next-to-last picture notwithstanding). I would love to be her friend (though I'm not sure how she'd take to a severely shy girl).

  3. I have to agree. Lauren Conrad is so pretty and I pretty much love everything about her. I need her to take me on a shopping spree and help me get some fashion sense :)

  4. Your totally right- she is so pretty! Much prettier than Kristen from Laguna;-)

  5. Lauren is gorgeous. Today I'm thankful for Trav's mom being here. I am thankful that my second interview went well (and I'm keeping my fingers crossed).I am also thankful for being able to do so many things. Today we went to the zoo, bontanical garden, and out to dinner.

    <3 Ash

  6. How could you not have a girl crush on LC. Everything about her is stunning!