Friday, October 1, 2010

Caramel Apple Cider

Today is the first day of October, and I woke up phening for Starbuck's Caramel Apple Cider. Which then makes me automatically think of December 19th, 2008. Why you ask? Well, because that's what I was drinking on one of the VERY best nights of my life :)
Bryan, myself, my parents, Kim, Tom (Bryan's mom and step dad), Christine and David (Bryan's sister and brother in law) ventured out on that snowy and icy night of December 19th, 2008 in Seattle to Benaroya Hall in Seattle for "The Coats" Christmas Concert. They are a a four man acapella singing group that have been around for the last ten plus years. Bryan and I actually saw their Christmas/holiday concert back in 2005 when we had just started dating, and even further back than that, Bryan and his family used to see their concerts at the Puyallup Fair every year.
I was SO excited because this was one of the very first times that both of our families were to spend time together, it meant so much to me! Bryan and I got there quite a bit earlier than everyone else, so we decided to walk down to Pike Place Market and go to the original Starbucks. I ordered my usual holiday caramel apple cider and I could feel the excitement in the air, at this time it was just because of our families getting together, I still had NO idea what was to come.
After our trip to Starbucks in the snow, we met up with the rest of the family.We sat down in our seats, which were about 8-10 rows back, and I just happened to find myself sitting on the end seat of the row. The concert started and of course it was awesome. "The Coats" were singing all the Christmas classics, then they started singing "Winter Wonderland". One of the members of the group came down the stairs on the side of the stage and came right up next to me and put his hand out. I took it and I suddenly found myself being whisked out of my seat. The next thing I knew I was on stage dancing around with the four guys, they were singing, "He'll say are you married you'll say..." with the microphone up to my mouth now I said "No man." : ) When the song is finished they had sat me on a stool facing the audience. The Coats started talking about how I had been such a good sport I deserved a prize. Bumper stickers and temporary tattoos were among the mix. Then one of the guys said "No, I think she deserves something much better than that." At that moment Bryan walked out from behind the stage with a huge bouquet of two dozen red roses and got down on one knee. By then the whole audience (did I mention of about 700 people) started cheering and clapping. Of course I said YES! : ) I was crying and excited I didn't even know how Bryan could have just pulled this off! The Coats then said that even though it wasn't tradition, they wanted to be the first to be apart of our first dance. So they sang "Stand by Me", acapella of course, while we danced in the spotlight....

Now, I know what you're all thinking because I was thinking this too! How did he pull this off! Well come to find out Bryan and his wonderful sister, Christine, had been planning this way ahead of time. When they first inquired about tickets for this concert they found they were sold out. So Bryan and Christine coordinated it with one of the guys from the group and they ended up giving us the seats that had been reserved for their family that night. What awesome guys and all because they thought it was so sweet! : )

So that was the story of the night my husband proposed to me! One of the MOST adrenaline pumping, romantic, BEST nights of my life. And it all started with some caramel apple cider :) Happy first day of October! <3

 <3 Amanda


  1. Wow, I had no idea that is how he proposed to you. That is so sweet of him and his sister to put all that effort into making the proposal special. You guys are such a cute and wonderful couple!! xoxo

  2. He surprised me so much! It made that evening so special! :) And thank you, I think I'll keep him :)

  3. i just told Tj about this... he luvd it too! he said this sounded PERFECT for you! :)

  4. I'm just now starting to read your blog. I found it on my friend Ashleys (A Lovely Little Adventure) blog. WOW! What an incredible way to be proposed to!!! That's so awesome!!!

  5. oh my gosh! Wow!! How beautiful that he did all of that in front of all those other people :) One of the many stories you will be thrilled to tell your kids.

    <3 Ash