Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bippity, Bobitty, Boo!

I have two events to chronicle today, and they deal with pumpkins and a beautiful girl going to a ball. So of course I automatically think of one of the greatest film stars of all time - Cinderella, of course :)

This weekend has been exceptionally extraordinary! We ventured to the Kube 93.3 Haunted House on Friday night. I stayed outside, there was NO way I was going to be going in that scary house where people are jumping out at me and it's completely dark... no thank you! Bryan had fun though! I was surprised because he rarely if EVER gets scared, and I have it on good authority that he jumped a couple of times. I did get a good picture out of it at least :)

Saturday morning came and Hanna and I went and got pedicures together :) I love love LOVE pedicures! Which ended up being kind of pointless (You'll see why in a minute) In the afternoon we ventured to Maris Farms in Bonney Lake, the first time I'd ever been there, normally our pumpkin patch of choice is Spooner Farms. I'm glad we tried this one because it was SO much fun and had lots more for the kids to do! And I got to try out my brand new, super cute rubber boots! :)

-Best buds <3-

-Maris Farms 2010-

-Sophie in the punkins-

 -You can't see much, but I love this picture of us-

-LOVE my boots-

After our pumpkin adventure it was time to head home and help Hanna and her best friend Carrie get ready for the ball :) (or Homecoming, same thing) I'm so proud to call Bryan my husband, I called him when Hanna and I were at the nail salon, because she asked me if Bryan and I could drive them in Bryan's car to the dance. She wanted to roll up in a cool car with the music blasting :) Bryan went out and got the car cleaned so it sparkled and went home and vacuumed the inside. What an awesome big brother in law :)

The girls looked beautiful, and it took all I had not to cry on the way home after dropping them off. And a sidenote, I think Hanna may be the only bridesmaid in the history of bridesmaids to wear her dress again, it looked even better on her this time :) All in all, FABULOUS weekend! Getting the house cleaned today and eating some stew and pumpkin carving tonight, October is half way over! 

-Pretty girls-

-Silly girls-

-Their personal stylist :)-

-My sissy<3-

-Hanna and Carrie KW Homecoming 2010-


  1. I love the boots Amanda. I miss homecoming, it reminds me of senior year, and you and Bryan were all mushing facing each other.

  2. Hey thanks Kristina! I miss homecoming too! That's why I was so happy, I got to live vicariously through Hanna on Saturday! Mushing?? LOL

  3. Ok, so mushing was a bad word for it. Googly Eyed! Better?

  4. Hahahaha LOVE it! Mushing, I'm using that now! :)

  5. Awe! Ry & I did this same thing with my Baby Sis Danielle for KW's Homecoming!! Nice! I kno.. don't you just wanna cry watching them look like "big girls"?