Friday, October 15, 2010

Scaredy Cat

Every year as the months draw closer to the fall I get excited! I love the chilly nights, cute rain boots, crunchy leaves, you name it, I love it. However, the one thing I don't love? Is October 31st. There, I said it. I hate, no I LOATHE October 31st. Why? Because I'm a big fat scaredy cat that's why! If it wasn't associated with ghost stories, zombies, and ax murderers maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

For example, I can't even watch a scary movie with my husband (who LOVES scary movies) because I will have nightmares for a month at least! This is a burden that has plagued me since I was about 14 years old. I just don't get it, before that I could watch all kinds of scary movies! Jaws, Children of the Corn, Are You Afraid of the Dark... etc. But the minute I saw "The Blair Witch Project" everything changed. I had nightmares about that movie for months! LOL Some of you may be laughing at me, but I'm serious, I am the biggest scaredy cat you've ever met! I think there comes a realization that you don't have as kids, but when you get older that things like this can actually happen because there are some crazy psychos out there.

This is an public apology to Bryan, I'm sorry I can't watch these movies, go in the haunted houses, and be interested in Ghost Hunters like you honey, I guess you're way more brave than I am...

So now I wait, until this awful holiday passes. I will always love the pumpkin carving, cider drinking and dressing up part, but that's about it lol. Bummer.

PS. A HUGE Thank you to Happyhousewifedesign for pimping my blog! You did a great job and I love it! :)


  1. I love it! She does great work huh!

  2. I hate scary and horror movies too! Besides, the trailers that you see on TV for the current in-theater ones all look either the same or dumb (at least to me) so there's no point in watching them :)

  3. I agree Sarah, there is NO point in watching them! All I'm going to do is get scared!

  4. Holy crap i am SO in agreement Dearie! cept i've always been this way.. bleh. sad thing NOW, is that in the last year i keep seeing previews of new scary movies.. & I WANT to see them.. i never will.. but i WANT to. what is WRONG with me?? hahaha.. its okay dear.. i will watch Devil wears Prada with you ANY DAY! :)