Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Six Year Anniversary

Six years ago today I shared my last first kiss with my now husband. I remember it so clearly. We had gone to the Homecoming dance together, that was our "official" first date however we didn't know it yet. The days following seemed kind of like a dream, we had first and fifth periods together, and flirted through all of them. We met and watched a soccer game at French Field one night -  but neither of us are or have ever been into soccer, it was just an excuse to be together. And on October 12th, Bryan took me bolwing, and little to my knowledge this was one of his favorite past times. I should have realized that right when I saw him pull his bowling bag out of the car, I was in love. I mean, how cute is that? After the date ended, he drove me home and walked me to my door, and kissed me in front of my parents house. I went inside and literally started screaming and jumping up and down. This boy had speant the evening making me feel like no one else had, and it was just by being himself.

I feel so blessed to have this wonderful person and relationship in my life. He is funny in every situation-even when sometimes you feel like you can't laugh anymore, he is outgoing - but shy when he wants to be, carefree - but my ying to his yang can pull him back when need be, and passionate - about his family, his friends, his job, and life in general. He reminds me to be the best person I can be every day, and people will love me for that. I know, I know, enough of the mushy stuff right? I won't lie, our relationship is far from perfect, and we have to work hard every day at it, but no matter what we always love each other. I don't know if I believe in soul mates but if I have one, he is it.

This will probably be the last "dating" anniversary we celebrate because we now have our wedding anniversary to celebrate, however, I hope that we continue "dating" for the rest of our marriage :)
*Photo taken on our first date, the night he stole my heart! (dinner before Homecoming)*

<3 Amanda


  1. <3'd this. glad u two found each other Manda :)

  2. Thanks friend, same to you and Ryan :)