Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday

The first of, I hope, many Thankful Thursday posts. This one's coming a little late which is part of the topic I'm blogging on tonight; I'm exhausted.

My Typical Day
-Wake up
-Jump in the shower 
-Get ready (most mornings just throwing my hair up)
-Drive to work trying to wake up still
-Come home
-Work out
-Do laundry, dishes, make dinner, etc.
-Sleep (and most of the time not very well, but it's getting better)

And then repeat.

Of course there's more to it, I kiss my husband, laugh with my coworkers, but in those last few minutes before bedtime and first few when I wake up, I can't seem to deny how exhausted I feel. Some of you are probably wondering, why doesn't Bryan do some of those things? And you may not agree, heck, I've had people tell me flat out to my face that they don't agree. But Bryan and I decided when we first started living together, I would make dinner and keep a tidy home, because he works hard, physical work all day. I'm sure some will think, "This girl is crazy" or "Are we still in 1950?" and to answer both questions, no.

Now, when we have kids, it's going to be a whole different ball game, and he knows that. And it's not like right now he doesn't help at all, because he does what he can. So I'm really not trying to complain, I'm trying to understand how all of you moms, employee by day and student by nighters, and singles out there do it? Do you ever feel exhausted?

These first five things I'm thankful for all have to do with things that make my life easier, less exhausting and less stressful. (Inspired by The Tarr Pit's recent post)

1. A dishwasher - My Granny and Papa have lived without a dishwasher for as long as I've known them, 23+ years and they get by just fine. Me, I feel myself complaining just having to rinse the dishes off before putting them in there! I am thankful I have a machine I can feed with soap and set to do my dirty work.

2. Plastic liners for the litter box - Let's just say, it saves a LOT of mess, a LOT of the time. EW.

3. Jackie and Bender on KISS 106.1 - I've been listening to them for about ten years now. It used to be getting ready for junior high and high school and now it's driving to work every morning. Somehow their witty banter makes my drive a little easier and provides even a few giggles in between yawns.

4. and - where I get the majority of my recipes for that nights dinner. Both of these sites are seriously life savers and I <3 them both dearly.

5. My favorite chick flicks - that sometimes help me go to sleep at night. My "go to" ones are,  "The Devil Wears Prada", "The Family Stone", "Pretty Woman", and any/every episode of "Gilmore Girls" (I have a couple seasons on DVD). 

Hopefully this post wasn't too whiny, I try really hard not to be. I guess what it really comes down to is even though life is tough and restless sometimes, there are always those few things or people that can help you through. 

<3 Amanda

PS. Stay tuned, my blog is getting pimped! Brand new layout, still same Amanda :)


  1. I totally know what you mean about feeling exhausted... its tiring having to do all of those things yourself! Tommy works hard at his job, and even harder expanding his knowledge and learning more about his career field (information technology) and I feel like I should be doing all that I can to help him out and give him a break. It is still tiring though. If you have any good dinner recipes, feel free to throw some my way. =] I never know what to make for dinner!!

  2. Hey Amanda, well you know I work full time, School and I have a 2 year old. I still do the inside work of the house and cook dinner. I'm in the same situation I work in an office and Ian does physical labor all day. I don't mind doing it, but some nights I just say eff it I'm too tired and I don't a single chore and we order pizza. Ian doesn't get mad and sometimes, a couple nights you just have to let everything go. Great Post. I can't wait to see your new blog.

    Is lindsey from Happy housewife Designs doing it for you?


  3. ooo the life of a wife! Glamorous huh? haha.. i am a full time stay at home mom and I too am exhausted. I spend all but 3 hours of the day during his naptime playing with little Dawson and raising him and then during those 3 hours i cram in the cleaning, cooking, etc. Its hard work but i give you props for going to work full time and then coming home to do it! Dont worry, it will get easier and you will get in the groove of things... Weekends are great for catch up as well. :)

  4. Jackie - I'm so glad that you understand and are in a similar situation. I will most definitely throw some yummy recipes your way! You should check out those sites though - DELISH!

    Kristina - I love "No chore" nights, and actually Bryan and I have talked about that just recently, he hates seeing me burned out and says, just come sit down and have dinner with me, the laundry can wait. Which is so hard for me OCD personality but I really need to learn to be better at it. :) And yes Lindsay is AWESOME!! :)

    Alysha - Ooh, the wife life, is less than glamorous, but wonderful at the same time. I am so envious that you and your husband have the means for you to stay home, that's so awesome! Especially with you next little one on the way, how awesome to have their Mom raise them. But I know that that is a full time job in itself! :)

  5. Sooo I'm a lot like you in this post! My husband now works a very hard, 12hr/night, 3rd shift job. So I feel like I have to do everything else. And I do....for the most part. He has his...uhh...chores? Taking out the trash being the main one. But we have 2 kids and I'm in school full time too. So he does what he can. Like this morning. The girls and I woke up to him cooking eggs, pancakes, sausage, and cinimon rolls! It was awesome!! But I try to do mostly everything when I can:-)