Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday

11. My tea kettle - This week is the second time that I've had a cold during this fall season and it sucks! But it makes it a little easier to get by with my tea kettle which was one of our wedding gifts. Right now my favorite is Raspberry Zinger with a little honey, mmm, warms me up just thinking about it :)

12. When Harley is in a cuddling mood - You have to understand my kitty, he may be massive but he's still not even a year old yet! Bryan got him for me at the beginning of May as a birthday surprise for me and he's been a little cuddle bug ever since, but he does get in those moods where he wants to play and nip at your hands. I just have to wait because I know that he will calm down and want to be petted again :)
[Get ready for your heart to melt, this was one of the first pictures I got of him when we brought him home]

13. My Husband - I can't believe I haven't been thankful for Bryan yet, lately I just feel the need to brag on him. First of all he's hilarious and always knows how to make me laugh. Even if I'm crazy mad at him, he somehow gets me giggling. He's my absolute best friend. Second, he is the hardest worker I know. He gets up at 6am or so every morning and works until 5pm, sometimes later if there is still a job going on, and he rarely EVER complains, he so great about leaving work at work. Third, I can't wait till I have babies with him. I know we're probably a year or two still away from that, but when I see him with Sophia, it just warms my heart so much. She loves him and has got him wrapped around her tiny little finger. Fourth (just for fun) he ALWAYS smells good :)
[Get ready to be blown away at his mad pumpkin carving skills!]

14. Taking Pictures - As I blogged in one of my previous posts, I <3 Scrapbooking, and to do that I obviously have to take LOTS of pictures. My family gets annoyed by it sometimes because I'm constantly asking for them to say "cheese" but I hope that someday down the road they will be thankful I'm capturing the little moments that will be forgotten by memory but remembered in a photo :)

15.  Our Home - Right now we live an apartment, it isn't our ideal living situation, but it's home until we are ready to purchase a home [which will also be happening in the next year or two] It's not as big as we'd like, but it will do, and holds all of our belongings quite nicely. I know Bryan goes stir crazy sometimes because he does not enjoy apartment living, but I feel that this year of saving up and preparing ourselves will be completely worth it in the end.

What are you thankful for this week? :) Happy Thursday!


  1. Wowza! How did he do that?! So cool! Happy Thursday!

  2. That little pumpkin is just as cool as the humongous carved pumpkins I saw at the Puyallup Fair (and yes, I got pictures).

    And believe me, all cats do that! Usually, it's on their terms :)

  3. That's impressive skills, there! Funny, I wrote about my camera and taking pictures today too. Without it, how could you show everyone that amazing pumpkin project?

  4. Your newest follower from Thankful Thursdays.... I haven't attached the button yet, but I love your blog... adorable and so cute !