Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Today's Letters Inspired Tuesday

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Moury, I'm not sure what was sweeter, watching you teach Sophie how to cut hearts out of construction paper or you handing me one that you cut out yourself. Who would have thought something from a craft kit would give me buterflies? Dear Seattle Seahawks, I've never really been a HUGE football fan, I've caught a few games here and there, however, I guess I could officially say I'm jumping on the bandwagon because that game on Saturday was uh-mazing! Hopefully you work your magic again this Sunday against Daaaa-bears. Any Chicago fans in the hizouse?! PS I wish I personally knew Pete Carroll, he's SO fun to watch during games :) Dear cream cheese filled jalapenos wrapped in bacon, I will OWN you after work - I would say be afraid, but I'm more afraid of working with raw jalapenos for the first time, this may require surgical gloves-stat. Dear father of my future children, brainstorming our future kids names always makes my heart happy. Thank you for reminding me once again that it's something that we may not be ready for yet, but it's most definitely in our future. JDM :)

Do you have a favorite finger food you serve when you have guests over? I'd LOVE if you shared the recipe :)

PS - Please see the inspiration for this post HERE - they recently won TOP BLOG on the Blog Guidebook - chickity check them out! :)

PSS- My dear friend and old classmate, Jaimie from Legos in my Pocket nominated me for the 'Blog of the Month' award at For The Love of Blogs - so if you feel inclined and have a minute, would you head on over there and vote for me? :) The button is on my sidebar. Thanks ladies!

Jaimie, thank you so much :) I totally don't know if I deserve this but it's super fun being nominated. You are a sweetheart! I love your blog and wish you and Ryan the best in the coming year :)


  1. i'm an all out fried food kinda gal! never had those cheese filled jalapenos with bacon! sounds so yum right now:) i'm struggling! i need to lose weight but i figured the best diet for me right now would be the junk food diet! works!:) your nominated for Blog of The Month over on FTLOB, Just thought I'd give you a heads up that you must be a member in order to actually become! so if your interested, stop by and join the fun!:) enjoy the day lovely!

  2. Manda Panda I <3 you my dear!! && OFCOURSE you deserve it! make sure you join up and everything okay!? im SO voting EVERYDAY!!

  3. Ok letter to Mr. Moury equals total perfection! love it!

  4. i love your letters miss...so fun and honest :) omg cream cheese filled jalapenos are my favorite (minus the bacon because i'm a vegetarian) and honestly my husband makes thes all the time when we have friends over. (i would advise to wear gloves!)

    brainstorming name with matt is one of my favorite things to do too...makes my heart smile :)


  5. Whatever you do, do not touch the jalapeno and then rub your eye. It is better to have an itchy eye than to have an eye on fire. :D

  6. Awwwwwwwwwwww how cute that you guys brainstorm future kids names. Too adorable!

    <3 Ash