Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Ok, so I know at one point in your life you had a bad hair experience. C'mon, remember way back when, any doozies that your past can't escape?
I had a couple, and thought I would share them with you for a laugh on this fine Saturday morning.
I have a couple of hair DO'S and DON'Ts I've learned in my past 23 years

DON'T: Cut your daughter's hair like a boy. I like to refer to this do as the 'boy haircut'

DON'T: Start your bangs half back on your head. I think the picutres explain themselves...

DO: Style your hair with a curling iron. There was a long while that I thought it was necessary to curl the bottom of my hair every day - oh and hey! There are the bangs!

DON'T: Don't leave your bangs in their grow out stage hanging at the side of your face, the term 'fang bangs' comes to mind. I finally realized it was ok to grow the bangs out, but wish I had learned of bobbypins...

DON'T: Don't assume the color on the box is going to look the same on your head. Bad box dye job...tried to go brunette, ended up red

DON'T: Don't go to a stylist for the first time and get a perm. Bad perm job, it just looked frizzy all the time

DO: Try going back to your natural hair color every once in a while. This was my 21st birthday, probably the closest I've been to my natural color

DO: Try new things! I trusted my hair dresser I have now and it turned out really fun! Last summer, I went bleach blonde and really long

DO: Give you hair a rest. I haven't been to the hairdresser since NOVEMBER! [that's crazy for me!] This is my hair these days - and I'm happy with it... for now :)

I'd love to hear about/see your DO's/DON'T's/Doozies you've learned over the years :)


  1. recently ive been debating going marcia cross red... I reeeeally want to... But dont know how it would look. I dont have a hairdresser I love anymore.. So I would havta find a new one first. No WAY im doung it myself...

  2. Oh boy, do I have some dont's and doozies. I think I might have to copy your post and do one of my own!! haha

  3. P.S. You have the best smile, Amanda! Even with the bangs and all, you still have a great smile! =]

  4. I learned the hard way that you don't get chunky blonde highlights...not good lol

  5. haha! loved this manda! i too suffered from the "boy cut"! bahaha! mine was in the shape of a bowl!

  6. I'm such a disappointment to girls and women everywhere! I've never been into hair products or messing with my hair. I just brush my hair and sometimes put some clips or a headband on. When I grew my bangs out, I kept them out of my face with hair clips. For curling my hair for Irish dance, I had my mom put curlers in my wet hair and I slept on them. I'm sure I've had a bad hair day or two, I just can't remember them!

  7. Loved watching the hair transformations throughout the years! :)