Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Today's Letters Inspired Tuesday

Today's Letters: Dear husband, this weekend you sang FOUR songs at karaoke. I don't know what I loved more, your sweet moves, your smooooth voice, or the fact that you were brave enough to do that. And the crowd loved you, they really loved you. Dear Grandma's onion mashed potatoes, thank you ever so much for filling our home with your heavenly smell of potato-ey, cheesey, yummy goodness. Mmmmm. Dear Secret Millionaire, I spent the last fifteen minutes of the show with tears streaming down my face because my heart felt so touched. What a better place this world would be if there were more 'Secret Millionaires' willing to share their millions with the less fortunate. Dear love of my life, you worked your patootie off this weekend at home on our shower and on-call in someone else's. Can I just tell you that I love you and respect you so much for providing for us and also not complaining when you get a call at 7:30am on a Sunday for a service call. I mean really, you deserve a medal, or a cookie, or maybe a cuddle.

Does anyone else karaoke with the best of 'em like my husband? If so, holy cow, I'm impressed! :)

PS - Please see the inspiration for this post here - Tim and Em get five leg kicks and ten fist pumps for being so great!

PSS - I added a couple new pages to the top of the blog - Behind the Blog and a Recipe page

Happy Tuesday ♥


  1. Karaoke is so fun to watch, but I have never done it! Your hubby is definitely brave!

  2. We LOVE to karaoke!!! Where do you guys go???