Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let's talk about crappy situations...

Don't read if you are offended by poop talk and or lots of [digressions]

[in the famous words of Ksavera]
So there I was,
It was 9pm last night. I had cooked dinner for Bryan, myself, Christine [sister-in-law], Kim [mother-in-law] and Sophia [niece]

We had just finished Glee - which was amazing! Bryan got a service call. He was out the door before I could even give him a kiss [ps I just want to say how much I love him, seriously, he never complains about these crazy hour service calls]

Kim left, Christine looked at me and said,
"How late do you think Target is open?"
I said, "probably about 10ish?"
she said, "Wanna go with me?"
I said, "Heck yes!"
[thinking to myself, Bryan is gone, I'm definitely not tired yet, and I <3 Target...heck yes!]

We get to Target at about 9:15ish and Christine heads straight for the clothes. Sophia and I trailed behind her, when Soph started doing the potty dance. I grabbed her hand and we skipped to the bathroom, she did her business, and we met back up with Christine. Then all of the sudden Sophia looked at us with those 'uh-oh' eyes and she said, "I pooped my pants..." I scooped her up [because at this point it was like 9:40ish and Christine was still trying to get what she came for] and rushed her back to the bathroom. Sure enough, she had pooped her pants a little and was still kind of going. I made sure she was done, wiped her as best as I could, and put her poopy underwear in the little bag that was in the bathroom stall trash can. We stood next to each other washing our hands and she said, "Thanks Auntie Manda."

 I looked down at her and couldn't help but sigh and let out a giggle. 'Is this what being a mom is like? Late night runs to Target, kid in tote, possible potty accidents...

Obviously I know it's SO much more than that, but most of the time we don't get to see behind the scenes of being a mom. I feel like I got to witness that last night ;)

So, what did I learn?

1. Make sure they're done pooping.
2. Use all surrounding items necessary to clean up the mess.
3. Carry an extra pair of undies just in case.

Could you be mad at this sweet little face?
didn't think so.

Sophia, thanks for the lesson on being a mom, and turning a crappy situation into one I will remember when I have kiddos of my own. No doubt I'll find myself in that same situation again :)


  1. awww that is so cute. I had a similar situation, I was watching someone else's kid (who was potty trained) and I was holding her. She never told me she had to pee so without warning, as I was holding her I all of a sudden felt this warmth and she had peed on my arm!

  2. Auntie Manda YOU WILL MAKE A GREAT MOMMY SOMEDAY!! Love and Miss you!!

  3. Haha you are such a good auntie! =] As gross as that is, I can't wait for all of that crazy mom stuff! Having kids is going to be so amazing...can't wait until we are both mamas! =]

  4. Great job! Just not getting flustered and mad proves you'll be a great Mom - patience is key!
    And she is adorable! :)

  5. Good save Auntie!

    The #1 mommy rule has got to be "just deal with it." :) No matter what it is, be matter-of-fact and just deal with it. If you freak out, everyone freaks out. (Believe me, I mean EVERYONE.)

  6. What a good little Auntie you are! Way to save a crappy situation! ;)

  7. I can tell you are one terrific aunt! She must have been so embarrassed, poor thing!