Thursday, March 10, 2011



[because I'm sure every other couple out there is just like us, has their spats every once in a while - whether big, small, serious or silly, I'm pretty sure every couple has had discussions like the one last night, but I digress...]

Sometimes - the husband and I disagree.

Whether it's about what to watch, how we spend our time, or who's right and who's wrong, we disagree.

I've accepted, it's a natural part of a relationship. We've most definitely had our [high]ups and [low]downs, but through it all we've prevailed. It's what makes us, us. It's what attracted me to him and him to me. We push each other.

Tonight I found myself at a gas pump at 10pm, in thin sweats and sweater, crying. The guy in front of me pumping his gas turned around and did a double take. I just glared back through my tears. 
Yes, I look like a damn mess and I'm crying while pumping my gasThat's what I do when I'm mad/upset/frustrated/sad/defeated. 

And now looking back on it, was that silly little tiff worth ending up at that gas station, freezing, and tears streaming down my face? Was being right that important to me? Am I really that fragile that hearing words I hear every single day, but when spoken by my husband hurt me a little? 

No. No it wasn't. I feel silly, ashamed and sniffly from crying. However, I do take solace in knowing that [everytime in the last six years] we've prevailed

that's why

everytime - whenever we spat/tiff/discuss/argue/disagree...

I know it will be ok soon.


  1. Amanda - I. Love. This. Post. I have to totally agree with you. Justin and I had a lot of rough patches but we ALWAYS make it through. That is what love is. Keep your chin up shoog!

  2. It's so true - everyone has their disagreements. And most often, in the heat of it, it feels like it's tearing you apart. Sometimes I even catch myself wondering in the middle of a "fight" how things will ever be good again. Because in those moments it doesn't matter whether you're arguing over the remote control or one of life's biggest decisions - it just matters that you're not getting along, and that feels like the end of the world sometimes. Even when you know it's not.

    But you're so right. It will be ok again. Because love conquers all, even if it has to go through some obstacles first. Thanks for sharing such a sweet and honest story.

    p.s. There's no shame in ending up at the gas station crying. Sounds exactly like somewhere I would end up. Crying anywhere for that matter :)

  3. Hey Amanda! I am new here and I first have to say what a cute blog you have.
    Secondly, thanks for the real post. So good. I always think that it is good to have disagreements in marriage, because it means neither of you are faking it. Real people being real with each other will disagree. Working through it makes us stronger. ;)

  4. Couldn't agree more! We may bicker at times, but I always know that we will be fine eventually and laugh about it later. =]

  5. You're right, everyone's been there! Prayers and hugs!

    I just try to remind myself that in 30 years this is NOT going to matter and if he's worth fighting with, then he's worth making up with too. It wouldn't hurt if you didn't care! There's this quote floating around out there about true love being a rope made from 1,000 strings--occasionally one breaks, but the rest hold you together until you get it patched up.

  6. You are so right, Amanda! Sometimes after a spat I ignore my husband and after awhile I start feeling so bad. We are together forever, so what is the use of staying mad over something stupid? I wish I could remember this and what you wrote more often!

  7. You all are amazing. Thank you so much for your kind words. It's so true and so quickly and often forgotten - we are all real people and go through real challenges. I'm glad that you gals all took the time to let me lean on you a little :) xoxo