Thursday, March 3, 2011

I have three kids

[pretty cute]
Well, yesterday, today and tomorrow until 6:30.

A seven, ten and fourteen year old.
[kids of Bryan's boss that we are baby/house sitting for while they are out of town]

Here was my evening last night:

4:30pm: got off work
4:45pm: got home after driving through a hail storm [stressed me out]
5:30pm: drove the two younger kids to swim lessons
5:35pm: turning at a stop light I heard click click click in the back seat coming from the seven year old, turn to the ten year old and she says, "He's being a blinker."
6:30pm: come home from swim lessons
6:45pm: help youngest one with homework & make dinner
[chicken nuggets and fries]
7:00pm: collect dishes from dinner and put in dishwasher
7:30pm: relax with kids and remind them it's time to start winding down and that it will be time for them to go upstairs and read soon
8pm: remind kids again, it's really time to go upstairs this time
8:05pm: reminded youngest one again, he was pushing it
8:30pm: had both younger kids in bed and caught the last part of American Idol
9:00pm: exhausted. and that was only day one!

Oh, and did you know that the reason turtles smell bad is because they fart?
Yeah, I didn't either. But those are the kind of things you learn when you acquire three kids over night.

All you mama's out there,
I'm tipping my hat to you, fo sho.

So if I'm not around much today, it's because I'm busy bathing, bussing, or bossing the kiddos around. It's good practice for someday right?

Oy vey - say a little prayer for me ;)
PS - hope you all are well and having fabulous Thursdays!


  1. aw, enjoy it! It'll be over before you know it! Have fun and I'm praying for ya :)

  2. OH man, enjoy it while it lasted! Hail storms are tough!
    Haha and oh my gosh! The things some kids say!!!!

  3. Ha! Ha! Good luck! Usually you've had a couple years to work yourself up to that stage if you have your own! :)

  4. aww! You will get through it! I know they are exhausting I work with 150 of them everyday!

  5. I drove through that hail storm on my way to work yesterday. It was treacherous! Good luck with the kiddos, sounds like fun!

  6. Suuuuper fun!! (i love the little tidbits of what Ry & I call *KiddoSmarts* that you will no doubt acquire over the next few days..

  7. aha I had nooo idea that turtles smell bad! Love those little facts only kids know! And how cute that he tried to be a blinker :) Adoreable! Good luck my lovely xx

  8. That sounds intense Amanda. Seems like you did a great job and I'm sure you would be a great mama some day.

  9. Thank you girls! We've survived, but dang! Being a mom of three is TOUGH! LOL I think when I start, I'll go ahead and start out with one. LOL