Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jamie Leigh from My Walk to I Do

I have the pleasure once again to feature one of my favorite gals! Her name is Jamie Leigh [cutest name ever, right?!] You can find her on her journey to marrying her highschool sweetheart at her blog, My Walk to I Do. She shares life stories, super fun pictures, and wedding planning in her corner of blogging-land. Please hope on over to check her out, she's so sweet!
Thanks again miss Jamie! :)

Hello Everyone!! I am Jamie Leigh from My Walk to I Do and I am so excited to be a guest here on Amanda’s blog!! I am 22 years old and juggling two jobs, college, and planning my wedding. Needless to say I am a very busy girl! In my free time I love going to the cabin, four wheeling, canoeing, spending time with my amazing 3 sisters and the rest of my family. I am engaged to my middle school sweetheart (if there is such a thing) Sean, we met when we were 14! This is my fiancĂ© and me!

 1. What do readers expect coming to your blog?
Readers that visit my blog can expect to find a journal of my life. I love to write about my family, my fiancĂ©, planning my wedding, our house hunt, and my faith. I like to think I am very open and honest in my blogging; I try not to hold anything back! Pretty much anything significant that happens in my life is written about in my blog! I love sharing music, quotes, pictures, and recipes as well!  I also like to seek advice and words of wisdom from my readers. There is nothing better than interacting with all my amazing followers!

2. Your top three favorite blogs.

There are so many blogs that I love to read daily so this is a very hard decision! Besides Amanda’s blog, my top three favorites are Life as a Wife!, Life After Yes, and Sharing the Pages of Life. All these ladies are so inspirational and fun to follow!

3. What year in your life have you been most happy and why?

This year hands down!! Not only do I get to marry my soul mate on September 17th, but we also have an offer on the perfect home, and will hopefully be moving in soon!!

4. Who is someone you admire and why?
I feel like a nerd admitting this, but I really admire Rachael Ray. She is not afraid to be herself and she is an amazing cook! I love that her recipes are made from ingredients that most people already have in their home, and they are usually meals that would satisfy anyone. I hope to be able to cook like her one day!
I also admire my parents more than I could ever express! They have been so supportive all my life, I feel extremely blessed to be their daughter.

5. What is one way you can make someones day today?
Doesn’t it feel good to know you had an impact on someone’s day? Every day I make sure to call both my parents to see how their day was. They both have told me it always puts a smile on their face to hear from me. I also love to give compliments to people in my life. I can honestly say it makes me feel good about myself to make others feel good J

I would love to have you as a new follower! Head over to my blog and check it out J

God Bless,

Jamie Leigh


  1. What a fun idea Amanda! :) I might just have to feature someone on my blog ;-)

  2. Aww so exciting! Thanks for doing this!!!

  3. YAY!! So, so fun! :) Thanks for shouting out to meeeee Jamie Leigh! Happy blog feature!