Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday!

71. Harley - as much as I want to wring his neck at night when he's bouncing off the walls and won't let us sleep...I just remember this sweet face and his funny relaxing places, and forgive him for being a complete terror...

72. American Idol nights - It's kind of become tradition to curl up on the couch with some pizza and watch AI - we pretend we're the judges. PS - any other AI watchers out there? Is Steven Tyler becoming the new Paula?! LOL

73. Full Throttle energy drinks - this morning I totally remembered why/how those little suckers got me through two loooong years at college. Thanks for the extra little boost in the morning :)

74. Pinterest - a FABulous new site I stumbled across. I haven't quite figured out exactly how it all works yet however, there is something for EVERYone. For example I've found:
[super cute things I want to make]
[Quotes that make me smile

...and giggle]
[not to mention SUPER cute recipes!]

75. My new followers friends! I'm so glad you've stopped by my corner of blogger land :) Welcome! I try to check out your blogs as well, I'm sure we will be good friends :)

What are YOU thankful for this week? 
Sunshine? Hopefully you've got some of that Vitamin D in your neck of the woods! :)


  1. That wreath is fantastic!

  2. Those cupcakes are so cute! I am also praying for some sun! Happy Thursday!

  3. Love that makeup frame - totally want to make that myself!!

  4. Love the cupcakes! So cute!

    Harley is SO funny! Our cats have yet to position themselves atop a TV (granted, most of our TVs would be hard for them to lay on, but still). Don't you just love fluffy cuddlebugs? Even if they do have a schedule of their own?

  5. harley is soooo cute! and those are the most amazing cupcakes i have ever seen!!!!! i LOVE them! :)