Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Today's Letters Inspired Tuesday

Today's Letters: Dear sweet husband, this weekend you bowled in your first bowling tournament and it happened to be at Hooters. I thought I was in for a day full of busty women and rowdy bowling crowds. Instead I got to watch you work through your frustrations and end the first part of your brackets with pride. I know you weren't as happy as you could've been with your results, but you're still my favorite bowler [please see below]. Dear Best Ever Beef Brisket, at some point in the next couple weeks, I will conquer you. It makes my mouth water just thinking about you! Maybe it's because I've been feasting my eyes on too many episodes of Man vs. Food Carnivore Chronicles... Dear Hot Mama Handbags, I'm not yet a mama but I've had my eye on you for a looooong time. Seriously, this gal has a gift and I'm a tid bit jealous. Dear Bryan James (who always get's two letters)  thanks for letting me sleep a little extra on Saturday morning. I know when you wake up you just want to go, go, go but my eyes were not ready to be fully awake. I crawled into your side of the bed and it was nice and toasty. Reason #567 boy roommates are awesome!

Any Etsy items you've been spying on with your little eye lately?
PS - please see the inspiration for this post HERE - love this couple! & their letters!

Picture circa 2006 - my shirt says "Bryan's my favorite bowler"
still is true today :)


  1. I love reading these letters every week. The ones to your husband are so sweet!

  2. LOVE that shirt! and what a FABULOUS post - way too cute!

  3. That shirt is the best! You and your hubby are too cute :)

  4. Love these letter's. I have one typed up and ready to post for thursday.

  5. that is so cute that your hubby bowls!!! love that and love your letters as always! :)

  6. I love that bowling alley. My cousins and I have gone bowling there a couple times. The Hooters waitresses are so nice and helpful. They were to us, anyway. And bowling is so much fun!

  7. This is so sweet. I also love that you wrote a letter to beef brisket. Makes me want to eat it again!

    Did I mention I'm from Auburn?