Friday, March 11, 2011


Absolutely humbled this morning.

Last night I was worried about American Idol and the laundry I hadn't finished, and this morning I woke up to the numerous Facebook posts and news stories about Japan...

My heart seemed to stop, I gasped, and then I cried. I don't have any personal ties to Japan but I can't even imagine the devastation they are experiencing. Entire families are being ripped apart as we speak and others still haven't heard if their families are even ok. My thoughts are also going out to the citizens of Hawaii and the west coast

My heart aches for the entire country; the families, the businesses, the livelihood of their nation.  Right now all I can do is pray, so that's exactly what I'll do...


  1. It is so trajic! I couldn't believe it either this morning. Definitely praying all day for them!

  2. it is so sad. But praise God you have things to be thankful for. I hope to hear some good news.

  3. I am blown away by this! I can't even imagine the devastation they are facing. Definitely puts my "problems" in a new light

  4. It's a major tragedy. I can't imagine what the AUAP students here at Central are going through, not being able to talk to their families. I saw a post on Facebook and Central's website about how Central is trying to help them contact back home. Crazy!

  5. I love this post, Amanda. You are so sweet. I really hope they are getting the help that they need. I will join you in prayer!

  6. Thank you all for joining in prayer with me, I can't help but feel helpless in those situations but then I have to remember that prayer is very powerful.