Monday, November 22, 2010


There may be nothing better than,

Sitting by your sliding glass door with the blinds pulled back
Under your favorite fuzzy brown blanket
Warm cup of cocoa in your hand
Listening to Christmas music
Cuddling with your kitty
and watching the snow fall/pile up outside

I may be stressed tomorrow
I may not be able to get to work
I may curse the drivers who drive like idiots
I may slip and slide on the icy roads

But right now, everything is quiet outside, and I am content :)


  1. As I enter my sixth winter in Ellensburg, that's how I've come to feel about snow too - it's great as long as I'm not out, walking in it, freezing, getting covered in wet snow!

  2. Aww, this post made me smile.

    I love the look of snow and how much it sparkles, but I hate going out in it.

    And btw.. thanks for the comment on my blog. That's so horrible about your DJ! I would have been so angry!

  3. watching snow fall is always so matter how much of a pain it is to drive in :)

  4. Dude Mel & I were doing the SAME THING.. till we ventured out when baby was napping.. (Sans Xmas music...Not YET!)