Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday

This week is my fourth installation of Thankful Thursdays, and I have lots to be thankful about today!

16. My iPhone - Seriously, I feel SO silly, but I would be lost without it. It's my phone, my camera, my GPS, my Internet server, my baby? Ugh, I feel like it's unhealthy sometimes, but nonetheless, I'm still really thankful I have something besides my blonde brain to guide me sometimes.

17. Christine - My sister in law. This is a woman who has taught me to stand up for myself and not accept anything less than what I deserve. She's an amazing mom to the little star of my blog, Sophie. She can change your mood instantly when you are sad. She loves music, and is a "roll the windows down, turn it up" kind of gal. She's always there for me when I'm having personal pitty parties to say, "keep your chin up, you'll get through this." Thank goodness I married into a wonderful family, I got a husband and a best friend :)

18. Upcoming opportunities - I really can't say anything until about mid-December [and no I'm not pregnant yet! Believe me I'll tell you that as soon as I know!] But it is something that I'm incredibly excited about, and I'm so glad that Bryan gets to experience it with me :)

19. My ability to cry - Oh. You. Don't. Even. Know. If crying were an Olympic sport, I would have gold medals covering my bedroom walls! There are times when I absolutely hate it[like when I have mascara running down my cheeks in a public place and it looks like I just found out there was a death in the family but really my favorite song came on the radio and I think it's got the most beautiful lyrics!] yeah, those times. But other times, I'm learning, that
it's a gift. Don't you ever just feel like you need a really good cry? If not, you should try it. It's liberating and it's not always about sad things, alot of the times it's about things that make me happy. Happy tears, Bryan doesn't understand those ones at all, hahaha. I'm not ashamed to say I was sobbing during "Toy Story 3". My name is Amanda and I am addicted to crying.
[my free Buzz & Woody waterbottle I got with my TS3 movie purchase yesterday! Score!]

20. One word -CHRISTMAS- I'm aware that it's the beginning of November, but does that mean I can't include the Christmas station to my Pandora Quick mix does it? Does that mean I can't enjoy a yummy egg-nog latte from one of Starbuck's new holiday cups that are full of Christmas cheer? Does that mean I can't start making my Christmas list yet? [when really I've been making a mental one all year] Does that mean that I can't enjoy stores like Target and Fred Meyer already putting out their Christmas decorations?
Absolutely NOT! I will start now because I LOVE<3 Christmas, and I don't know if I can wait! :)
"The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear." - Elf

PS - 365 Days in Picutres


  1. I love my phone too. My droid X completes me. I ordered Mack's toy story 3 movie on amazon and it will be here today. Excited.

  2. I am so excited for Christmas as well, it is such a beautiful time of the year!

  3. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one admitting to loving their phone. My husband jokes that if there were a fire... I'd grab little man and the phone.... I can't help it... it completes me !!!

  4. i LOVE my phone but i would love it even more if it was an iphone! haha ::hint hint hubs:::

  5. Love your Thankful Thursdays! Such awesomeness! :)

  6. Kristina, ABM, and Alysha - I'm SO glad to know I'm not alone! :) And that was a great hint Alysha! :) I think they are completely justified for what they cost!

    Jamie - I agree! The twinkle lights, the smells?! Oh man I'm so excited! :) What an awesome time of year!

    Tash - so glad to see you on here! Can't wait to be visiting your blog soon!

  7. KK first of all, would be LOSt without my phone.. second.. i WISh I could cry when I want to.. or when I dont.. i dont cry often, but i can feel the pressure built up from not... and CHRISTMAS?! Heeelllzyea.. (it's that much closer to Newyears.. mmmyyy Biirfday!) :)

  8. haha I am SO the same way when it comes to crying. I cry when I'm happy, when I'm sad, when SOMEONE ELSE is sad, when I see anything that reminds me of Tommy,etc. I could go on. haha We're just in touch with our emotions! =]

  9. Girl......I started listening to Pandora Christmas station on November 1st. You are not alone. I need Christmas to be for 2 months so I start mine now!! Cute blog!

  10. I LOVE Christmas! I look forward to it the whole year.
    When I went around the city this week and I saw that some stores already put up their Christmas decorations, I got so so happy and excited!