Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Neverending Weekend

Everyone remember that movie, The Neverending Story, with the giant flying dog and crazy mythical things that happened? I feel like that was this past week for me - minus the flying dog and creatures. Last Monday we had a half day due to the snow, we were off of work Tuesday as well, had a scheduled half day on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving and then Saturday and Sunday. I feel like I've had a 7day weekend! So, I'm sure you can imagine there has been a LOT that has happened! I just wanted to share a couple pictures of our neverending-adventures :)

Thursday was Thanksgiving and we ate some really yummy food at my mom's house :) Thanks Mom, I always love filling my belly with your Thanksgiving yummyness!
 Mom and I - pre chop
 This is my, "Hanna, we're taking some pictures today whether you like it or not"
 Mmmm, some real home cookin! 
 Bryan and the turkey candle
 Our first Thanksgiving as a married couple
The kids- Hanna, Bryan, Me, Gabby and Wes

Friday=Black Friday shopping and death of my long hair day, that got it's own blog post and pictures

We caught up on much needed sleep, including Harley even though that's all he ever does anymore!

Saturday we spent good time with family, Bryan's cousin Matt (who was the best man in our wedding) was in town on school break, we got together and played some good ol' fashion beer pong! But believe it or not we fill the cups with water and play in the living room because we are big babies and don't want to play outside in the cold! I loved this picture, Matt was telling them what was up! 

We also ate some UH-mazing green salsa verde, which I will be sharing the recipe with you later this week, if you like cilantro and jalapenos, you will LOVE this! :) PS who knew tomatillos were so yummy?!

We also had time to be silly :) My fave

But finally every adventure has to come to an end, even a neverending one... The laundry and dishes are both completely done - I don't mean to toot my own horn but, toot toot! :)
There has also been lots of hot cocoa drinking, fuzzy blanket cuddling, and quality time spending in this neverending weekend. Tomorrow morning it's back to reality, but until then I'll stay comfy in my fuzzy socks, admire the twinkle lights I put up (a little crookedly) and drink my sleepy time tea.
A BIG thank you and hugs to everyone who made this last week a memorable one!

I hope you all had just as amazing weekends/long weeks as I did! :) 
Back to the Christmas Blog Challenge tomorrow!


  1. My extended weekend was great! I hadn't been home in 2 months - boy was it good to sleep in my own bed and chase our cats around the house! Looks like yours was more eventful (I guess that's what I get for still being in school).

  2. I hated that movie! haha.. I know how you feel! Love the photos!

  3. love all these pictures!!! i wish i had a turkey candle! lol! :)

  4. your pictures make me smile :)
    you are so gorgeous dear, for serious!

  5. We loved every minute of our 5 "stay home days" too! Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday with family and friends.

  6. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving! I can't wait for the recipe!! I loooove anything with cilantro! =]