Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So there I was...

**WARNING - this blog may or may not contain a bit of a rant**

So there I was, driving up Highway 18 to work this morning, literally giving myself a pep talk in the car, "C'mon Amanda, you can do this. Ok, here's a dry patch in the road. Ok, that was a little scary but you recovered well. You're almost there..." etc.
Despite the mini heart attack I had when my car hit a little patch of black ice, I made it to work in one piece after not working yesterday, or half of Monday. If you didn't know, I'm TERRIFIED of driving in the snow! And if you're going to make fun of me for not knowing how, Hi, I'm from Washington state, OF COURSE I don't know how to drive in the snow! We only get it one time a year if ever!!! However, I made it, I'm safe, all thanks to my little car that could! It may be fifteen years old, but that little Toyota Camry has still got a little umph :)

I was NOT meant for this kind of weather. As I stood in our room this morning putting on my leggings under my scrubs and lightweight jacket under my heavier jacket, I started to sweat, worrying about my commute. Then I got, excuse my language Mom, pissed because I had all these layers on and I was getting HOT! But, as soon as I stepped outside I regretted those harsh feelings against my layered clothing, they kept me pretty warm in the 12degree F air temperature inside my car.
 As for the last couple days, they have been crazy! I had to leave early on Monday due to the snow and our clinic was closed all day yesterday because of it! Thank goodness I have a husband who loves me so (Or maybe he just didn't want to see me hurt myself) hahaha either way, he totally got my car ready to drive last night. This is the snow that was left over, but before this there was at least 6-7 inches piled up on it. Eeek!
Despite the termoil this white stuff has caused me and most of the rest of the pacific northwest, I have to say, it was really beautiful.

I apologize for me rant, and I pinky promise, my post tomorrow will have more of a happy attitude :) After all it is thanksgiving, I'll be giving lots of thanks :)
The Ultimate Thankful Thursday!

PS - 365 Days in Pictures - Sorry Soph, you're just too stinkin' cute! Someday these will be used as blackmail  :)

PSS - I want to send a HUGE Happy Birthday to my girlfriend Erica Werner! I love you so much and hope this year is your best yet! Love you little one!


  1. You are so funny Amanda, I just LOVE reading your blogs! So fun! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. its so funny when you get angry. lol.. this was super cute..

  3. your cute little blog always brings a smile to my're adorable lady!

    i am originally from chicago and still am not completely used to the judgement here!! :)

  4. i am the exact same way amanda!!!! i am so afraid of driving on snow and ice. i HATE it. i'm sooooo glad you were safe and sound. please be careful out there. i normally try to find someone to drive me everywhere in bad weather! lol! boo to ice!

  5. I'm from GA so it rarely snows but I would be terrified of it!

    Have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow :)

  6. Snow, already?! The high in Oklahoma today for us is 70-degrees, but we're getting a cold front today dropping us down into the 20's. Yikes. I'm not ready for this :( I'll pout right along with you!

  7. I slipped and bruised my tailbone on black ice last year - not fun!

    And keep in mind that it's only the west side of Snoqualmie that rarely gets snow; the east side gets loads of it each year. So let's just say you're from the Puget Sound which is why you don't know how to drive in the snow because Ellensburg drivers seem to be used to it. Just a thought...

  8. Oh no! I am accident prone so I dred moving anywhere with snow or ice when I get married and my fiance is stationed some place, haha .. Idk what I will do! But good for you making it ok and your lovely layers of clothing! :) Happy Thanksgiving wishes your way!

  9. I simply LOVE mt convertible Mustang, is a horrible snow buggy!!! I Was terrified driving to and from work Mon. and Tues.!!! Today I am home and warm and very thankful. I love your blog, you sure know how to write! Very entertaining. You make me want to start a blog. I need to know how.
    ps-my commute is very easy thank the Lord.

  10. girlfriend it's your blog :)
    rant allll you want!
    ps.. your pics are AMAZING! I love em'.

  11. The only reason I'm not ranting about the snow is because I would be ranting until March. I basically don't leave the house ever anymore. It was -6 around 5 this morning. GROSS!