Monday, November 29, 2010

Aly and Molly's Christmas Blog Challenge - Day 7

Day 1: Christmas/Holiday traditions
Day 2: Black Friday/General Shopping Tips & Tricks
Day 3: Most meaningful gift/best gift you've received
Day 4: Tips/Tricks to a Budget Friendly holiday season
Day 5: Favorite Holiday Movie/TV Show Special
Day 6: Gift ideas (what do YOU want? We all have family/friends reading our let them know!)
Day 7: Holiday Craft/DIY (If you don't make anything, what do you WISH you could make?)
Day 8: Least favorite thing about the Holidays
Day 9: Favorite Holiday recipe
Day 10: Favorite Christmas Songs/Caroles
Day 11: New Year Resolutions
Day 12: Show us your decorations (indoor/outside)
Day 13: Favorite Cookie Recipe
Day 14: Oprah's Favorite Things: What item(s) would you want if you were in the audience?

I wish I wish with all my might, that I had ONE single crafty bone in my body. 

With that being said, this post is a little tough because I wish I could be WAY more crafty than I am, EVER, not just at Christmas time.

So when I saw these, I started absolutely drooling, are they not BEAUTIFUL! OHEMGEE!

The seller on Etsy is ItzFitz - I just think they are beautiful!

So, can anyone help me with this? Does anyone know how to make these?
 I would love you forever and ever and ever!

PS - time to get back to 365 days in Pictures - See the "How do YOU measure a year" at the top of the page :)


  1. Those are GORGEOUS!!! I want one for my little home so bad! Wow, I'm gonna need to go to that Etsy shop!!! Those are so impressive!

  2. I love them (esp. the first one!) If you find out how to make them, let me know!

    <3 Ash

  3. I <3 the one with the flower.. they don't look TOO difficult.. but you never know.. i think i will just BUY one... ;)

  4. It looks like (in the first one anyways lol) you buy a round that doesnt have all the twigs sticking out? Then wrap it with yarn closely and tightly. Now I dont know how to make those flowers but I bet you could buy them at a craft store then hot glue them on! (my mom makes wreaths so I kinda know SOME things haha. Hope this may have helped a little!