Monday, November 1, 2010

Morning Sounds

It's 6:20am. Ok that's a lie, it's 6:37am because I've hit the snooze button at least once.
I'm still cuddled under my down comforter and my eyes are still soooo sleepy, I know it's going to be harder than anything else I've ever done in my life to open them!

So instead I just listen to the morning sounds of my home.

I hear the other slumbering bear curled up in his own down comforter next to me turn off his alarm and stumble out of bed. My husband likes to be wrapped up like a mummy when he sleeps, thus we discovered we needed two comforters.

I hear the folding doors to the laundry nook and the squeaky dryer door open for Bryan to retrieve his work jeans that I washed the night before.

I hear Harley nibbling on his kitty food. Actually most of the time I hear him batting it around the bathroom floor in a heated game of "chase the cat food".

I hear our neighbors that share our the wall to our bedroom, there is a gentlemen that makes these awful grunting noises every single morning... I can only assume he's...
working out?

I hear the cars going by on the wet pavement outside the bedroom window, it's November in the pacific north west, it's bound to always be wet outside.

I hear the water running for Bryan to brush his teeth. He likes to have fresh breath before he kisses me goodbye in the morning. And he still loves me even though I haven't had a chance to yet, monster breath and all.

I hear the front door lock as he leaves to work another hard day, sometimes in the pacific north west rain I was talking about. When we first moved out together he told me he was, "locking me in safe" and he still does it every day he leaves before me. I do feel safe.

And then I hear my alarm dinging again, reminding me, "Amanda, it's really time to wake up now, I mean it this time".

I can't help but smile at these sounds I hear almost every morning, it's comforting, it makes me feel content. And I can't help but to think of how these morning sounds will change in the next couple of years...But for now, I'll just listen :)

What are your favorite morning sounds?

[Harley kitty sleeping, the only times he's quiet]


  1. I was just thinking about this for a minute. I always seem to wake up when Ian does his pee in the morning, with the door open. It's so loud lol! TMI I know. I don't have to get up for another hour now for the last couple weeks after Ian. It used to be the other way around until I changed my schedule. Ian is by far the loudest person in the world, so I hear everything.

    My goodbye kiss is always while i'm in the shower, and I get the crap scared out of me everytime. I'm always half asleep still. : )

  2. Usually the only sound I hear when my alarm goes off is my music. I listen to music at night while I sleep, a whole list of slow songs that I separated from the master playlist of my entire music library. I have my laptop set up so it doesn't turn off when I close the lid. Several times a week I also might hear one of my roommates in the bathroom since I have a later class on those days. I don't even really hear rain unless it's pounding.

  3. my brother has a dog named harley. your kitty cat is so cute!! love it. my favorite morning sounds are anything other than my iphone alarm. blah!

    thanks for your sweet comment! i use the hipstamatic app for iphone. i'm actually obsessed with the pictures it takes :)

  4. That's was so sweet, Amanda. Sometimes I forget about all of the things I have, until I stop to look around, or, in your case, listen. Like the clicking of Bryan "locking you in safe". I love it. =]

  5. ... i can never remember my goodbye kiss anymore. I kno he does it, cause i ask him every afternoon when he gets home. but apparently i'm just to darn sleepy to remember it. :)

    ... I wonder why... lol