Friday, November 12, 2010

Favorite Things Friday!

Good morning and Happy Friday to all my blog buddies!

First thing's first, I've been so overwhelmed by all your sweet sweet comments on my previous blogs, I just wanted to say a
It is most definitely one of the greatest parts of my day! So thank you! Big hugs!

Second, I would like to introduce you all to my fabulous friend Jamie Rosemary! Our story is kind of a funny one, she married my ex-boyfriend! You're probably wondering why we are such good friends? We actually attended the same college and were in dorms right next to each other, we met, hit it off and have been friends ever since! She was one of my biggest support systems when I was at college because we were both in long distance relationships from our beaus, it's nice to have someone know exactly what you're going through. For example, one night I was non-stop crying for some reason or another, probably because I really missed Bryan, and she said, "Come over RIGHT NOW!" So I made my way over to the next dorm over, and she met me at the door with a bottle of vodka (to take shots, not drink the whole bottle! ;) and had Gilmore Girls playing on the TV :) I'm real thankful for her! So, the reason I am telling you about my fab friend is she has her very own blog now as well, and if you are looking for funny stories about becoming domesticated, tips on organizing like a champ, and yummy recipes? She is the gal to see! Visit her site -
Happy House, Happy Home - her button is also on the side of my blog!

Third, let's get right down to my favorite thing this week!
Like I stated in my previous blog this week, Bryan and I have come to some realizations this week - for the better and the worse. For the better, because I feel like it's finally brought us to a level of understanding each other that we've never had before, and I'm so thankful for that. For the worse, because it's never easy to hear criticism about yourself, whether it's helpful or not. I love this man with all my heart, and with all that I am. In the last four months, I've from time to time revisited the vows we wrote each other for our wedding ceremony, and I'd like to share them with you. We also said the traditional wedding vows, but these were just special words we wanted to exchange as well. These are my favorite things this week. They are full of love, hope, understanding, compassion, humor, and trust - all of the things you should have in a marriage. :)

My vows to Bryan:

When we met, I wasn’t looking for a relationship, and I most definitely wasn’t looking to fall in love. I wasn’t looking to meet a guy who could make me laugh until my cheeks hurt and make me melt just by winking at me. I wasn’t looking for someone who could instantly cheer up my day just with a phone call, and make me smile by bringing me flowers just because it was Tuesday. I wasn’t looking for someone who loves bacon and always, ALWAYS smells good. I wasn’t looking for someone that would drive over Snoqualmie pass, every weekend just to see me, or someone with an extremely loving family to accept me immediately. I wasn’t looking for someone who would want to take spontaneous road trips and who can have a conversation in movie quotes with me. I wasn’t looking for a guy who hated Christmas (even though he’s a big softie and has bought me a tree every single year) and I wasn’t looking for someone who loved me for me.

However, with a little help from a mutual friend, I found you. I found that person who sees a heart shaped rock and thinks of me, who would go to the ends of the earth just to make me happy, the guy that still opens car doors for me after six years together and the father of my future children. I found my best friend, my partner in crime, and that kind of love that most people don’t get to experience in their whole lives at 17 years old. I know I’ve said it before and I will say it for the rest of my life, I’m so thankful for you. Knowing you makes me a stronger person, more carefree, and constantly reminds me that laughing daily brings sunshine to your soul.

I love you with all my heart Bryan, and I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow as your wife.
Bryan's vows to me:
Amanda, for almost six years now you have shown me what it is like to truly love and care for another person beyond anything I could have ever thought possible. And I am going to try and find words that will explain what your love and friendship means to me.

I can start by saying that I can undoubtedly say that I do, and always will, love you with all that I am. I can promise that I will be there for you in any way possible for as long as I live, no matter what life brings. I also will promise you to work every day of my life to make sure that you live the life I know you deserve and treat you no less than the princess you are. I promise all of these things because I know that as long as I do, you will do the same for me. I look forward to the life time I now get to spend with someone like you; someone who is as beautiful as any sunset or mountain view anywhere on the earth, someone who can change the entire mood with your brilliant smile and your always cheerful attitude, some one I can say will be the best wife any man could ever wish for, and amazing mother to our future children. Someone who, no matter how crazy the idea, will stand behind me 100% and encourage me to do anything, someone who without even trying to, makes me want to be a better person and just enjoy life the way you do. I cherish every moment I have been lucky enough to have you in my life. The date nights we get to take and just spend time that continues to grow our love for each other, the long drives just to get away for a day to explore new places and share new experiences, the one on one conversations that allow us to learn so much about who each of us are and grow stronger as a couple. The fun we have just being silly and laughing with each other.

I can't wait to see what other adventures and challenges that we will encounter in our journey though this life together. I love you so much Amanda, I am proud to call you the girl of my dreams.
*insert me swooning here*

I would love to hear what have been your favorite things/realizations this week!
PS - Today's picture - 365 Days in Pictures - is of one of my favorite guys!


  1. I love you Mrs Amanda!!! you're the greatest!! :)

  2. My favorite things were the CMAs the other night and getting my tech report back to see that I got a better grade than expected :)

    Have a great weekend, Amanda!

  3. this made me hugg my hubbley. <3 nice one Manda

  4. so so sweet!!!! hope you have a lovely weekend girl! :)

  5. Jamie - <3 you too!

    Sarah - I heard the CMA's were really good! And did you see Gweneth Paltrow? Holy set of pipes I didn't know she had!

    Jaimie - Good, I'm glad, I did my job :)

    Amanda - Thanks my friend, I hope you had an amazing weekend as well!

  6. Such sweet vows! :) ....I often go back through my wedding things to remind me about the committment we made to each other too. Those are such sweet days!

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  8. aww... your vows to each other brought tears in my eyes. What an adorable couple you are! :) BTW, I checked out Jamie's page and am now a follower. I love reading new blogs!! :)

    <3 Ash