Sunday, November 28, 2010

What is your life plan?

Last night was a great night spent with family and friends, laughing and drinking. But when the fun was over, and it was just Bryan, Christine and I, we put on Pandora and were just hanging out. 
A song came on by Brad Paisley, it's called "It Did". I'll share the lyrics at the end of this post, but it got me thinking even more about my "life plan". Recently I've been re-evaluating this life plan of mine, for the better and the worse, and I've come to a couple conclusions

This is how I thought and was planning on it to go:
1. Graduate high school
2. Get accepted to & attend college
3. Graduate college
4. Find a good paying job
5. Get married by 25
6. Buy a home
7. Have children by 30
8. Live happily ever after

This is how it's gone so far
1. Graduated high school
2. Went to college for two years and then came home because I realized I wasn't doing what made me happy
3. Was working at a job I hated that paid a lot and traded it in for a job I love that pays the bills
4. Moved in with Bryan and got engaged
5. Got married at 23
6. Living in an apartment until we can afford a house

I feel like I'll never make my dad as proud of me as he would have been if I'd graduated college, and that I might not get the best job because of that as well, but you know, even though the original plan didn't work out exactly like I'd planned, I'm happy. And even though we are not exactly where we want to be financially yet, I'm happy. And even though we don't own our own home yet, I'm happy. I married the love of my life, we have a great support system, jobs, and a place to call our own. I have to remind myself that we are still young and have time to accomplish many things in life

Things don't always work out the way you plan them, but it is all about how you adjust that "life plan" you laid out for yourself in the beginning. And that's what this song reminded me of, don't give up hope because just when you think it can't get any better, it does. At least that's what I took away from it :) Instead of looking at these changes in my life plan, I need to embrace them or I'm going to miss my life!

Artist: Brad Paisley
Song: It Did
Album: 5th Gear

A single red rose and a table for two
a nice chardonnay and an ocean view
ships coming in and stars coming out
we sat and we talked til the place closed down
then we took a long walk down on the beach
Her and that white dress and her bare feet
we stopped and we watched the light house light
I pulled her close and I held on tight
and I said to myself
it doesn’t get better than this
no it doesn’t get better than this

And it did, it did, oh it did.

Fast forward to that next spring
we were looking for a preacher
Picking out rings
Family coming in and friends coming out
To that little white church on the outskirts of town
Me in that tux fighting butterflies
Tears of joy in my mama’s eyes
Her daddy walking her down the aisle
He lifted that veil and I saw that smile
and I said to myself
it doesn’t get better than this
no it doesn’t get better than this

But it did, it did, oh it did

Just when I start thinking it's as good as it can get
This crazy life does something just to let me know
I haven’t seen anything yet

Nine months later nearly to the day
There we were flying down the interstate
Car weaving in, car weaving out
Through traffic running every red light in town
Delivery room and the doctor comes in
I’m right beside her she’s squeezing my hand
One more push and a baby cries
Sweet little angel with his mama’s eyes

And I said to myself
it doesn’t get better than this
no it doesn’t get better than this

But it did, it did, oh it did
Yes, it did


  1. oh girl...don't worry! things have definitely not gone "as planned" in our life either. but i know God is in charge! glad you are happy most of all! :) hope you had a good thanksgiving amanda! <3

  2. My life's not going the way I planned, either: I was supposed to graduate last June with a degree in first English Education, then in Elementary Education. Didn't happen. But as I have been saying in my blog, this extra sixth year has been a blessing in disguise. As long as you're enjoying what you have, it doesn't matter :)

  3. I haven't heard this song yet and already love it :) Wow. Life does not go as planned. I think God puts us where he wants us. I always thought pretty much the same as you:

    1.) Go to college and get a 4-year degree.
    2.) Get a job that I love
    3.) Get married by 23 to my soul mate
    4.) Buy my own home
    5.) Have children by 25/26
    6.) Live happily ever after

    My life now.

    1.) Went to college. Got an Associate degree in Business. Hated business. Got a 4 year degree in General Studies because I didn't know what I wanted to be.
    2.) I moved to AZ - never thought this would happen. I wanted to move, but not too far away from everything that I knew.
    3.) I'm still looking for a job. I guess it still doesn't help that I don't know what I want to do with my life still AND the fact that it is nearly impossible to get a job in Arizona.
    4.) I live in someone elses home. I love Trav, but this is his house. Not mine. I told him to go look at it, but my name is not on any papers. Scary, but I knew that before I moved down here.

    AND, before I even met Trav, I was looking at my own houses in Indiana and had a relator. Every house I wanted somehow didn't work out. Then, I lost my job in Indiana due to budget cuts. So it was perfect timing to move to AZ.
    5.) I'm 23 and have no ring. Trav doesn't want to get married until 27. So we'll see.
    6.) I want kids before I reach 30. I don't want to be a parent that I can't get down on the ground with and play.
    7.) I'm living life better than what I imagined.

    :) Life is good.

    <3 Ash

  4. Amanda - Thanks for the reminder, He is in control, it's just hard to remember that sometimes, and I hope you had a great turkey day as well :)

    Sarah - I'm SO happy for you for finishing school, that is such a HUGE accomplishment, even if it's taking a little longer than you planned.

    Ash - Isn't life crazy? It's so true how our plans can change with a blink of an eye, but as long as we are happy that's really all that matters.

    Kelsy - I love you and thank you for your text, I want you to know I'm happy, not complacent. But that I truly appreciate your words and will remember that it's ok to be in the "inbetween" phases of life. Sometimes I get too caught up in thinking I should have what other people have, which isn't the case, EVER. I love you friend.

  5. Aw, Amanda! I'm a planner by nature too, and the older I get the more I have to chuckle at myself when realizing that God is in total control of my future. He has NEVER left me disappointed :) You should check out the book, "We Plan, God Laughs." Just enjoy the moments, and let your heart always be open to where He is taking you!

  6. Plans are never as good a real life. :)

    It's always good to evaluate where you're going, but I try not to worry about the details as long as I'm still on the right path. Besides, you're allowed to change your mind. I do. All the time. (Sometimes just to drive my husband crazy! Ha, ha!)

  7. Life never does seem to go exactly how we want it to, does it? Sometimes you get more than you wanted. You may not have a degree, but you have a wonderful husband and an amazing marriage. =] When Tommy and I first got married, Tommy was working at a detail shop and I didn't even have a job! But we knew that if we worked hard and did it together, we would be ok. And everything is turning out better than I could have ever imagined. I'm sure you probably feel the same way about you and Bryan, and it only gets better from here! =] xoxo